All-Year Round Seasonal Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Whatever the season, weddings are always a precious moment to celebrate with family, relatives and closest friends. Whether you prefer the chilly winter wonderland feel, the blossoming spring charm, the crisp and bleak air of fall or the sunshiny and scorching heat of summer, there’s always something to look forward to when it comes to [...]

Orange County Wedding Vendors Meeting At The Estate On Second

The stars were twinkling and shining their brightest last March 9, 2016 when the Association of Bridal Consultants-Orange County (ABC-OC) held its All Member Meeting at the Estate on Second. This was made possible by the coordination and arrangements made by Green Apple Events Co. If you are wondering how come so many Orange County [...]

10 Fun Entertainment Ideas for Spring Weddings

10 Fun Entertainment Ideas for Spring Weddings Spring is no doubt one of the best loved and favorite seasons of the year for it blossoms and brings us something to hope for whether it be your upcoming wedding, job promotion, your pending move to another city or simply a reconnection with an old beloved friend. [...]

Fun and Fearless 40th Birthday Entertainment Ideas for Women

There’s a famous saying which says that life begins at 40, so when you’ve reached this number make sure to celebrate the party of a lifetime by inviting your family, relatives, closest friends, office mates and even your big boss. For all the past years, you deserve something great so give yourself a pat in [...]

DIY Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

We know how much of a hard work it is going through all the wedding preparations so having a wedding planner is but a necessity these days especially for those brides who have a very hectic schedule. Despite all the dramas, setbacks and a few hitches along the way, brides always find it essential to [...]

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Garden Wedding Inspiration: Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Garden Wedding Inspiration: Pantone Colors of the Year 2016 Pantone color experts made an unprecedented move this year when they named two colors of the year. The honor was given to Rose Quartz and Serenity. These two pastels actually play really well together and mixed look like the most dazzling sunset. The good news is [...]

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Safari-themed entertainment ideas

Your entertainment ideas need not be boring and bland in the eyes of your guests. Whether it be team building, galas, or social gatherings, hit the nail right with a theme that will tickle the fancies of your guests. More and more themes are sprouting like mushrooms from left to right so why not join [...]

14 Fun Ideas For Your Fairground Inspired Santa Barbara Wedding

Mix nostalgia, romance, and fairy-tale as you celebrate your wistful wedding at a happy place where the young, young at hearts and adults would absolutely love to go to and attend. The fairgrounds always fascinate you with its electric vibe and pulse, picturesque and colorful setting, and fun memories where teenage love usually blooms. Oh, how [...]

Artistic Inspirations for an Orange County Wedding

When two artistic souls meet in this lifetime and on this planet earth, expect that their love story is far different from the others for the kind of love they share is nothing but a pure canon ball of artistic and romantic passions all rolled into one that knows no limits and boundaries. The love [...]

Fun Los Angeles Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Your wedding is fast approaching and besides the flutter kicks you feel inside your belly and the excitement that goes with it, you somehow kinda feel lost when wedding entertainment is the subject you discuss on the table between your soon-to-be-husband and your wedding planner. There are multitude of wedding entertainment ideas you can always [...]