Planning a wedding can be costly especially if the bride always dreams about having a perfect one of her own. One does not have to sacrifice herself and work extra hours or cancel travel plans just to save enough for the big day. Here are budget wedding tips on how to save your wallet from imploding:


          1. Keep the guest list at a limit

Keep your wedding intimate. It is always a good idea to keep the guest list at a minimum. Invite only those you are close with and have emotional attachment with. Besides, you do not want to invite anyone just out of obligation because they might just also attend your wedding out of obligation!


    2. Find a Cheap yet Classy Venue

While a high ceiling would make a great wedding venue that will have everyone in awe, your wedding venue does not have to be an expensive one. Sure there are a lot of alternative venues you can rent that would cost you less but will never lessen the wedding atmosphere.


Masonic Event Center


Martin Johnson House


          3. Find a Newbie Photographer and Videographer

It’s always a nice idea to hire people who are just starting out on the business. This could actually showcase their talents without sacrificing the quality and value of work. An advantage of hiring the newbies is that they tend to be more polite and  professional towards their first clients.  Beware that using Budget Wedding tips like this to find a cheep vendor you may get what you pay for.  ; )


      4. Serve cheap but good booze

You can always serve your own booze. Find cheap booze that you think the guests will love and serve them at your wedding.


          5. For things that you can DIY, then do it yourself!

These budget wedding tips allow you to do your own wedding invitations, wedding decorations, centerpieces and even your wedding bouquet! If you are crafty enough then this would be an easy task for you but if you need help with something then invite your husband to do it with you! Hey it’s a nice time to get to bond with him through artwork!

How to do your own Wedding Invitations:

First, buy your paper according to what kind of finish and weight you are aiming for. Once you have selected your paper, second step is to order the papers already cut to size. This hugely eliminates the need for a professional paper cutter and also the cutting time itself. Third step is to design your own invitations if you are artsy or if not then just buy/find a design. Fourth, print the designs in the paper then place them in envelopes and they’re ready for shipping!

Budget Wedding tips

Print your own wedding invitations and add more customization by adding more designs.


For a more unique invitation, consider doing it your own!


How to do your own Wedding Decorations:

There are a lot of wedding decorations you can do it yourself out there but just to give you a sample here is how to make a yarn globe: First, you need balloons, yarn and glue. Add air to the balloons to their desired size. Second, soak the yarn in glue and let it sit for a few minutes in order for the glue to get absorbed. Third, wrap the yarn around the balloon up to desired thickness and style then tie the end into a knot to secure. Allow the balloon to dry for at least 24 hours. Fourth, once the globe is dry you can deflate the balloon by using a needle and remove the deflated balloon. Make a lot and hang them with a light bulb if you must in differing lengths to make a nice decoration.

Budget Wedding tips


A more intimate and personal decoration would be to hang couple photos in which the guests would love staring at. This could showcase the couple’s journeys and experiences throughout the years.

Budget Wedding tips


How to do your own Centerpieces:

A very cost-saving centerpiece for your wedding that is both simple and brightly colored is to use fresh flowers bought from the flower shop. Use clear jars as the vase then put washi tapes of different colors and designs around the jars.


An elegant twist to this centerpiece is to spray paint straight vases with nice colors. Use elastic bands to wrap the vase in varying angles then spray with paint. Let it dry for a few hours then you can spray paint for a second time. Let it dry once again then spray with a layer of frosting paint for a matte finish. Leave to dry for a few hours before carefully removing the elastic bands.


Don’t forget to place some scented candles in each table for the guests to light when the evening comes! Buy some scented white pillar candles then decorate them with dried leaves on the side then secure with a white ribbon.


How to do your own Wedding Bouquet:

Ever wanted to create your own wedding bouquet for your wedding? Here’s your chance to decorate it yourself!

Budget Wedding tips for this DIY wedding bouquet you will need 30-60 stems of flowers of your own choice, they can be in varying types and color. First step is to prepare the flowers. Cut any foliage or thorns and remove damaged petals. Second step is to assemble the flowers. For this step it depends with the bride how she wants her wedding bouquet to look like. To assemble them, take one stem at a time and arrange them in your desired arrangement. Third step is to secure the bouquet. Secure the bouquet using the rubber band where they naturally join. Fourth step is finish the handle. Using the ribbon, wrap the handle from top and spiral it down the length of the handle then secure it with a glue. Allow to dry before cutting the stems in the same length.



Well those were some great Budget Wedding tips for you to check out.  Remember you do get what you pay for and what you don’t pay for could leave your budget for something important.  Something like amazing live entertainment that will wow all your guest and leave a lasting memory of dancing with loved ones all night long!!