Looking for that wow factor for your corporate event but running out of ideas to try? Most of the time the pressure is on especially if you want your events to be more exciting and interactive year on year so here’s a current and up-to-date list of corporate entertainment ideas that you could try for your up and coming circus-themed event:

corporate event entertainment

1. Hire magicians

Magicians are the front runners of circuses and are often considered as their assets. A circus event won’t be complete without them so it is always best to dust some magic into the air to keep your big bosses, guests and employees entertained. However make sure to hire the professionals as you don’t want your guests to be bored with old magic tricks. Illusionists, pyschics and mind readers would also do great in providing magical entertainment.

corporate event entertainment

2. Bring on the circus acts

A circus won’t be called a circus without acrobatic acts. Take your corporate even tentertainment up a notch by hiring professionals who are good with the trapeze, aerial, hula-hoop, fire and a lot more. Another idea that you could try is by hiring contortionists as this will definitely blow the minds of your guests.

corporate event entertainment

3. Don’t forget the pole dancers and show girls!

If you are looking for a corporate event entertainment idea that will captivate the attention of your audience especially the males, don’t ever forget to book pole dancers and show girls on your event! Armed with their finest dance moves, pole dancers and show girls will give you an unforgettable night so make sure to keep your eyes on them while they are on the stage or else you’ll miss all the fun.

corporate event entertainment

4. Hire aerial bartenders

Keep the magic alive by hiring beautiful aerial bartenders who will gladly hang, dance, serve and pour your guests’ liquors. This corporate event entertainment idea will surely be a hit as guests will be lining up the bar in no time!

5. Keep the music flowing by hiring a band or orchestra

At the end of all the performances, people will be looking forward to great music so why not hire a band or orchestra as a form of corporate event entertainment? The band or orchestra will definitely keep the jolly music alive with their wonderful playlist.

corporate event entertainment

6. Don’t forget the talented clowns!

Most corporate events turn out to be boring but you can avoid this social blunder by having comedic acts at hand. Clowns are also a favorite particularly when it comes to circus-themed events!

7. Drinks are a must!

To keep up with the carnival vibe, it’s best to serve drinks which are often associated with the circus as another hit corporate event entertainment. For the kids, you can serve lemonades, root beer shakes, and other flavored milk shakes to their hearts’ content. For the adults, alcohol-based drinks and cocktails such as Circus Peanut Margarita, Barnum cocktail, and Gipsy are best bets.

8. Serve carnival-perfected food

Don’t ever forget about the gastronomic experience! Serve circus themed menu such as popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, roasted peanuts, churros, caramel apples and margarita cupcakes to name a few.

9. Sweets to satisfy their sweet cravings

Set up a dessert table filled with rainbow-colored cupcakes, pillowy mallow treats, caramel popcorns and colorful jelly beans and your guests will surely be thrilled with this corporate event entertainment.

corporate event entertainment

10. End the night with a bang!

Now for a party-stopper and wow factor, don’t forget to light up some fireworks to cap the night! A fun corporate event entertainment idea, guests will love gazing at colorful fireworks as they light up the sky.