Dreamy Crystal Palm Springs Wedding ideas. Everyone has a fascination for sparkly things. Not only do they look spotless but they also look really elegant. For any wedding theme out there adding a little bit of sparkles do not harm, actually it creates fun and enhances the whole idea of your Palm Springs Wedding. So take the risk and let the sparkles to their magic trick!


Here are a few ways to insert fun for your Dreamy Palm Springs Wedding venue:

1. Use a tall transparent glass filled with crystal stones as a table centerpiece. Top it with a huge round bouquet of peach and white-colored flowers and add more crystals as drapes.


2. Stick with transparent utensils.  This provides a fresh pleasing sight and adds a more glittery feeling.

For a more elegant finish, you can also opt for gold-rimmed glasses and plates. This does the trick to get a more chic Palm Springs Wedding idea.


3. Stick with a plain white curtain. A simple yet elegant-looking wall decoration would be a pleated white almost sheer curtain. The sheer curtains do the trick as they give almost a crystal feel because of its almost transparent look. This also creates a clean and polished look for your wedding venue.


4. Add a pinkish curtain draping from the middle of the ceiling for a flushed stroke at the reception. To add more depth to it, place LED lights inside the curtain. This look will add an almost fairy tale vibe to your wedding together with the lighted crystal chandeliers.


5. Choose an over-the-top wedding cake with crystal stones. Go for a wedding cake that is infused with a variety of pink and peach tones that contains an assortment of styles. This wedding cake is perfect for your wedding which will leave all the guests in awe and talking even after the reception.


6. Use lights as backdrop for a dreamy reception stage. A smart way to keep the eyes of the guests to the newly weds would be to add lights as background of the reception stage.


7. Wear a gown full of sparks.  A gown full of sparkly stones will surely make her stand out and own the night. To show the inner diva, wear a tight backless dress to accentuate the figure and the back. Besides, every bride deserves to feel sexy on her wedding day!


7. Hire a live band to keep everyone entertained. Although hiring a live band will not physically enhance the sparkly crystals you see in the wedding reception venue, they add sparks to guests using the music they play live. To make sure everyone is in a lively mood, hire Undercover Live Entertainment. They play really great music which will not only make everyone sing but also dance with them! Look no further and contact Undercover Live Entertainment now!



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