The western cowboy style looks appealing and why not? Those cowboy boots and daisy dukes are quite attractive to look at. In planning your wild wild west-themed party, it’s best to remember some fun event entertainment ideas to make your shindig look and feel real.

event entertainment

1. Take the party at the barn or farm

To make it look authentic and real, why not throw your cowboy-themed party at the barn or farm? Rustic and bucolic, life on the farm is not just about feeding rhw chicken, taking care of the horses, and harvesting organic food as it can also be your scenic backdrop for your wild wild west-themed party. Never shy away from this event entertainment idea as your guests will definitely be delighted to be spending the night away at the countryside.

2. Ask your guests to arrive fully dressed as cowboys or cowgirls

Wouldn’t it be nice to see people dress up for an event? Another fun event entertainment idea, why not ask your guests to arrive fully dressed in their costumes with men wearing their cowboy hats, bandanas and boots while women look attractive in their skimpy daisy duke outfits.

3. Decorate the place with cowboy-inspired designs

An event entertainment idea that delivers a wow factor, decorating your events place with items such as spinning wheels, wooden barrel, wagon wheels burlap sacks, ropes, horseshoes and hay bales will instantly turn your party place into a cowboy saloon.

event entertainment

4. Serve genuine western food

A mouthwatering event entertainment idea, make sure to incorporate and serve authentic western-inspired food. Here are some meals ideal for your cowboy food fare: Cowboy caviar, Green Chili Guacamole, Cowboy Casserole, Texas Beef Skillet, Texas Fried Chicken, Cowboy pudding and Cowboy coffee cake to name a few.

event entertainment

5. Hire a band that plays western songs

Let the crowd sing loud and proud with their yeehas! in between by hiring a band that specializes in western or country music genre. A party band is definitely a fun event entertainment idea for it will provide the much needed fun and gaiety among your guests. At the end of it all, your guests are looking forward to getting drunk and dancing the night away with great music as background.

event entertainment

6. Play western party games

Your wild wild west themed party should be all about fun and merry-making. Entertain guests by asking them to participate in western-inspired games such as musical hats and busting the candy-filled pinata hanging at the center.

event entertainment

7. Hire a mechanical rodeo bull

Another enjoyable event entertainment idea for your western themed party, a mechanical rodeo bull is a must! Let your guests have fun by taking turns in riding a wild rodeo bull and they won’t surely forget how awesome your party has been!