Into the Woods for a Fairytale Wedding

The forest always intrigues us with the mysticism that envelopes it. Once you step inside its magical land, there’s no turning back.  Therefore, you will forever be enchanted with its natural beauty and splendor. Not to mention, we do think it’s this kind of special charm that makes it an ideal wedding venue.

For couples who are set to having a forest wedding, you’re in luck. Because, this theme, coupled with Greenery, the official 2017 Pantone color paved the way for utterly gorgeous and magical woodland wedding themes. So, if you are on the track to planning your forest themed wedding, you’re in for a treat as we have a list of ideas that you can incorporate on your wedding day! These forest themed wedding entertainment ideas are a recipe for all things pretty. So, without further ado, let’s go run into the woods and be lulled by its mysterious atmosphere.

1. Decorations Galore

First up, light up the forest!

Be creative with your decors! Remember, you already have a beautiful venue. So, all you need is to enhance its charming features. Plus, the fairy lights come in handy! So, stream them along those woody branches!

Secondly, shower with flowers.

Take a cue from Hansel and Gretel! So, instead of using bread crumbs, why not leave a trail of flower petals through the woods? Also, it can be a romantic idea to have an aisle filled with flower petals to your liking!

Third up, rustic wooden slabs are always to the rescue.

For the ultimate rustic woodland theme, use wooden slabs as centerpieces. Trust us, these decors are your best companions for your table set up.

Next, nature’s decorations are perfect.

Design your guests tables with tree branches, tree slices, and some greenery. Always, a winning combo!

Fifth, fancy greenery wedding table runners.

For your bridal table, why not opt to take things up one notch higher? So, decorate it with a beautiful greenery table runner and you’ll absolutely fall in love with your forest themed wedding.

Sixth, green with envy wedding arches adds that much more to your backdrop.

The wedding arch needs to be the center of attention for the ceremony. So, you need to go all out on this one. Try to use greenery adorned with pretty colorful flowers. Believe us, you’ll be surprised how beautiful it will turn out to be.

2. Food and Sweets

Don’t forget about your sweet corner AKA dessert table. You and your guests will be needing this for their daily sugar rush fix. So, fill your dessert table with caramelized apples, cupcakes, eclairs, macaroons and all things sweet!

3. Games and Entertainment Please

Besides the decors, you should get your hands full on the entertainment! They said that this aspect could either make or break your wedding celebration. So, make sure not to miss any tiny detail on this one.

First up, time for a good old scavenger hunt.

The woodland provides a spacious venue for your wedding. So, why not make the most of it? Filled with interesting nooks and crannies, try to add a sense of adventure by playing Scavenger Hunt. Plus, children would love this game as well!

Secondly, how about a balloon dart game?

Time for some fun activities! Why not put up a balloon dart game that everyone can participate in? However, just be sure to pick up the balloon pieces to protect the beautiful environment and critters. 

Third, hula hoop your way around the forest floor!

Hula hoops sound like a good idea to us! Plus, who doesn’t like an old fashioned game?

Last, but definitely not least, dance the night away.

Entertain your guests with a music provider that knows exactly how to have a great time. Undercover Live Entertainment can give you just that. So, call us or contact us today and let’s discuss your forest themed wedding entertainment ideas!

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