For those who fancy celebrating a sunny Southern California summer wedding, remember that no one would actually love the idea of sweating and getting flushes as they attend their friend or loved ones summer weddings. To avoid any inconvenience on the part of your loved ones and guests, here are some basic tips you could keep in mind so that your Southern California Summer Wedding celebration can go off without a hitch.

1. Provide enough shades for an outdoor wedding venue


To provide heat relief for your guests, make sure that you have enough shades where they can play hide-and-seek from the sun. Put up tents that can furnish them sun relief or better yet if you have the budget to splurge, rent tents and marquees that have built-in air-conditioning systems.

2. Give out paper fans

Summer weddings suffer from one flaw: unbearable heat from the sun. To keep guests cool throughout the wedding ceremony, reception and after party, place fans in areas where they usually gather such as the ceremony seating area, their assigned tables and the bar to name a few.  Better yet, print out the wedding program on these paper fans so that they have double purpose for your event!

3. Provide refreshing summer drinks

Southern California Summer Wedding

Welcome guests with refreshing summer drinks such as lemonade, mint iced tea, sweet tea, and pina colada to name a few to quench their thirst! Guests will absolutely love this idea so make sure you have a lemonade bar waiting for them!

4. Serve ice cold water

Hand out ice cold bottled water to your guests before the start of the wedding ceremony so that they can have a drink or two to relieve their thirst or for added style, serve water in stylish glasses with slices of orange, lemon and other citrus fruits.

5. Popsicle’s, anyone?


A perfect summer wedding treat not only for the kids but also for your adult guests, Popsicle’s make life better especially if you are out there in the open with the searing heat of the sun burning your skin.

6. Don’t forget chair cushions

Southern California Summer Wedding

If you’re planning to use metal or steel chairs, be aware that that they can easily heat up especially if exposed to the sun. Keep in mind the comfort of your guests by adding comfy chair cushions so that they won’t sit in agony feeling the heat of the sun burning their behinds.

7. Have sunscreens ready

Never underestimate the scorching heat of the sun! If guests will spend hours in the outdoors, better have sunscreens ready within their reach. A spray bottle is ideal instead of buying the cream/lotion types.

Whatever your Southern California Summer Wedding plans are don’t forget to hire the best entertainment that will make your reception memorable and not the heat!