conference at La Costa Resort

Guess who had fun under the Californian sun at a conference at La Costa Resort? Well well, Undercover was privileged enough to be a part of this successful event.

This international conference was held at La Costa Resort and Spa, a luxurious retreat 30 miles from San Diego International Airport. The perfect place to be, guests in the conference at La Costa Resort enjoyed and had the time of their lives as they grooved and danced the night away!


The international conference was attended by participants from over 28 countries. And guess what? Undercover Live Entertainment was there to provide the right amount of evening music entertainment.

conference at La Costa Resort

A 10-piece band from yours truly played at this event and the band rocked it big time as the both the organizers and the attendees asked Undercover for more play time and went into overtime just so we can keep the party going.  This was such a fun crowd, the guest were singing on the mic with the band loving it all night long!

This international conference at La Costa Resort and Spa was conducted by Proquest. The forum was such a hit and it was made possible by the amazing production provided by Joe Allen of Joe, never fails to disappoint. And in all honesty, he exceeds the expectations of anyone. His skills, personality and quality crew always shine on any event that they take a part of. Kudos to Joe and to the rest of the team!

Are you ready to wow your guests for your next corporate event and take it to the next level?  You are going to need amazing entertainment with incredible production!  These two companies bring “IT” to life and are the 1 2 punch to rock your event!

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