If you’re planning to start a new chapter in your life in the year of 2017, there’s no better color for your wedding theme than Pantone’s Greenery. Symbolizing new beginnings, Greenery radiates with positive energy, which is without a doubt what every wedding needs. Additionally, opting for this shade will ensure you have a stylish, up-to-date wedding.




Magical Venue

The best way to have a wedding in the true spirit of Greenery is opting for a venue that radiates with the same amount of vigor and energy. There’s no more perfect setting than nature itself – not only will you be able to say your vows in a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, but you will also be surrounded with natural green scenes. With a little effort, you can have a perfect garden wedding – a simple, yet elegant, or splendorous and luxurious. Another great wedding venue option is out in a forest, which is always filled with magical and mysterious vibes. However, if you want an indoor wedding, you can opt for a venue with wall-to-wall windows that will provide you with amazing views of natural beauty. Of course, by bringing natural elements in, your wedding won’t lack in the Greenery energy.



Charming Greenery Wedding Attire

Once you put on your Greenery-inspired wedding dress, you will feel as beautiful and energized as ever. If you want a traditional, white wedding dress, you can still incorporate Greenery in an elegant and fashionable way. You can complement your look with green-inspired sashes, accessories and shoes, creating a unique and trendy wedding outfit. As for bridesmaids, they will look stunning in silk, green-insoired dresses – this way, you will create a harmony between your appearances. Of course, the groom and groomsmen shouldn’t lack in style or in the same shade. The groom can match a silk Greenery bow tie with a watch in the same colour, while groomsmen can wear any green colored ties with different patterns – think in terms of plaid or micro striped design.



Greenery-Inspired Details

Even the smallest details can contribute to a unique wedding ambiance. You don’t have to have a monochromatic Greenery wedding – incorporate Green elements that will bring about a positive energy. Start with your invitations – you can opt for a white, elegant design complemented with floral and leafy elements that are perfect for a spring seasonal wedding. However, if you’re not a fan of the traditional white weddings, you can opt for green invitations with intricate patterns.

As for more conspicuous details, why not have a Greenery-inspired wedding cake? Decorate your cake with flowers and leafs or green ribbons, or, if you’re up to something more unusual, have your cake coloured completely in Green – this detail will definitely draw your guests’ attention. When it comes to the rest of your wedding menu, Green color shouldn’t stop at the wedding cake. You can have cupcakes decorated with Greenery details and tea sandwiches with cream cheese and cucumber in different shapes. When it comes to drinks, you can serve refreshing gimlets or Mojito cocktails with Greenery-inspired paper napkins.


Venue Decoration in the Greenery Spirit

Since décor will have the greatest impact on the overall ambiance at your wedding, it’s important to decorate your venue with care. If you’re a design aficionado, you can easily take care of your wedding décor by yourself, but if you don’t have much experience, you should consider signing up for a course to learn design. This way, your wedding decoration will be impeccable and enchanting. Greenery is associated with nature, so you can portray the very essence of this colour by pairing it up with natural elements. Therefore, you should think in terms of olive branches, lily grass, ferns, ivies and boxwood shrubs, all of which can be easily incorporated into your wedding decoration.

For example, you can use them to decorate the chairs or to make wonderful centre pieces. The green and white combination is the perfect choice if you want to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. You can complement a white tablecloth with green ribbons or centre pieces made of wild greenery combined with metallic hues. Another great way to achieve an amazing effect is by placing a single, long garland on your table and adding gold candlesticks for a glamorous look.

Greenery is the perfect hue for a wedding that radiates with positivity, energy, and elegance. In addition, it will help you create a magical wedding as a perfect new beginning in your life.

Post written by: Lana Hawkins