Hands down my favorite wedding band! They made our wedding spectacular! – Katrina & Josh | Cabo, MX.
We didn’t have a huge wedding, but their energy turned it into a huge bash! Kessia & Jackson | L’Auberge Del Mar
                   Their high energy and incredible sound had both the old and the young out on the dance floor the entire night. Dana (mother of the bride) | Four Seasons Biltmore

Undercover Live Entertainment provides wedding planners, brides & grooms exclusive entertainment in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and beyond. Undercover is Orange County’s most sought after wedding band that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations.

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Nothing is more important for successful corporate events than superb entertainment. You have one chance at making a good impression, so hire the best- Undercover Live Entertainment.  We coordinate all the technical and logistics for any location.

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Real musicians create an enjoyable ongoing experience that moves with the flow of the party.  Undercover Live Entertainment has a proven track record with over ten years of satisfied private party and event audiences.

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  • Kutschke Wedding Undercover Live

Ole Hanson Beach Club Wedding Entertainment

Ole Hanson Beach Club Wedding Entertainment: Michael & Brittani Kutschke Michael and Brittani Kutschke chose Undercover Live at as their Ole Hanson Beach Club wedding entertainment in beautiful San Clemente, California. And, we couldn't be any more thankful for them choosing us! Plus, they knew how to party with Undercover [...]

  • Kevin _ Lauren_s Catalina Wedding Band Entertainment- Natalie Schutt Photography

Rest & Relaxation & Catalina Wedding Band Entertainment

Catalina Wedding Band Entertainment for Kevin & Lauren When you think of a destination wedding, you always think of a land far far away. Perhaps, a remote tropical location or winter wonderland requiring everyone to fly in from out of town. Undercover was lucky enough to be the Catalina wedding [...]