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The Classic Touch of a Jazz Ensemble

This 5 piece Jazz ensemble thrives on a mutual desire to bring this classic form of music to a wider audience. For that reason, they demonstrate the unique sense of sophistication from Traditional American Popular Music. This small intimate group is inspired by such musical geniuses like Gershwin, Riddle, Sinatra, Porter, Armstrong, and Marsalis. As a result, they influence modern audiences of all ages to discover or rediscover their love of timeless songs from one of our greatest generations.

Undercover Live Jazz Ensemble’s Music Video Cover of Moondance

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Setting the Tone of Your Night

With every event, you want to ensure not only your guests are entertained and happy, but to have them leave with an unforgettable memory.  With that in mind, the type of music you choose can be that one decision that does just that.  This will set the tone of the rest of your big night. Give your guests a taste of what’s to come at the beginning of your event by adding this unique touch of music to your cocktail hour or dinner reception. On the other hand, you may want to make Jazz your main act for your special occasion. Therefore, you will allow your guests to continue enjoying a wonderful and intimate night of musical entertainment.

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