Wedding Industry Showcase

Wedding Industry Showcase by Association of Bridal Consultants For starters, it's always a blast performing for a wedding industry showcase. Meeting new vendors in the industry is nice as we see the industry grow with new businesses and new services offered. Also, it's a great way to build business relationships. It's a big market [...]

Wedding Industry Showcase2019-10-02T15:43:05-08:00

San Francisco Corporate Party

Undercover Live Performs for a Huge San Francisco Corporate Party WOW! What an amazing event! First of all, this was a huge event we did for a big gaming company in San Francisco. Also, since it was quite the event, we legally agreed to keep the gaming company name confidential. However, they hired our [...]

San Francisco Corporate Party2019-09-09T15:13:52-08:00

Live Beach Club Band

Undercover Live: Live Beach Club Band for Ashleigh and William This summer wedding was the epitome of a perfect outdoor wedding by the beach! And, it is always great returning back to some of our favorite venues as well. So, Ashleigh and William had Undercover Live for their live beach club band at the [...]

Live Beach Club Band2019-09-14T13:19:42-08:00

Parker Wedding Palm Springs

Shawna and Ken Well, let's just say this to start - we knew we were going to have a blast with this couple! Just take a look at the picture above. It says it all in one picture! We knew they were going to stay out on the dancfloor all [...]

Parker Wedding Palm Springs2019-09-08T11:40:22-08:00

Homeless Foundation Fundraiser Event

Illumination Foundation Homeless Fundraiser Event Undercover Live Entertainment has a strong stance in helping the homeless get into programs. We beleive that the homeless issue in Southern California has become a crisis. Therefore, we fully support the work of the Illumination Foundation. So, with the help of all their supporters, the Illumination Foundation has [...]

Homeless Foundation Fundraiser Event2019-09-07T15:55:25-08:00

Corporate Party Band

BSH Management Books a Corporate Party Band From Undercover BSH Management is a world wide leading and well respected home appliance company and they chose Undercover Live! On multiple occassions, this fantastic corporation has had us as their corporate party band at their annual conference. Also, this isn't just your normal conference but a [...]

Corporate Party Band2019-09-05T13:55:27-08:00

NYE Live Entertainment

Your Choice for NYE Live Entertainment First of all, can you believe it's already that time of the year? The holidays are knocking on the door and it is already time to get those details solidified for the holiday parties! Undercover Live Entertainment wants to be your choice of entertainment this year as your [...]

NYE Live Entertainment2019-09-04T11:49:55-08:00

Wedding Reception Checklist

Complete Wedding Reception Checklist To start, you’re engaged - congratulations! Soon, you'll discover, there are many pieces to planning a wedding but there’s no need to stress. Because, sticking to deadlines can be accomplished by sticking to an easy-to-follow timeline. To help with that, we thought we’d share this wedding reception checklist. Also, you [...]

Wedding Reception Checklist2019-08-31T17:46:30-08:00

Santa Barbara Museum Wedding

Sheri & Christopher's Santa Barbara Museum Wedding Firstly, Sheri and Christopher's Santa Barbara museum wedding was absolutely breathtaking! Also, their wedding not only had amazing views of the Pacific Oean, but it was in the Pacific Ocean.  So, they had their reception on the pier in a covered tent in front of the Santa [...]

Santa Barbara Museum Wedding2019-09-30T13:01:34-08:00

Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Band

Stephanie & Ben's Rancho Santa Fe Wedding First, Stephanie and Ben chose Undercover Live for their Rancho Santa Fe wedding entertainment and it was beautiful! Of course, we had an amazing time with this fantastic couple and their guests. So, thank you to this lovely couple for having us at your wedding! Also, we [...]

Rancho Santa Fe Wedding Band2019-08-30T13:07:14-08:00