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Nothing sets a reception off quite like hiring a band will. When the wedding’s over, all of the formalities can go out the door! It’s time to celebrate and show your guests a good time by making the most out of your reception. To do this, you don’t want just any type of reception music—you want a band! See why below.

Hiring a Band Sets You Apart

Let’s face it, DJs are becoming all too common nowadays. Many of your guests will be attending multiple weddings this year. Plus, seeing the same sort of entertainment every time gets old. So, It’s not every day you and your guests are able to see a live guitar solo. The fun-filled energy that distinguished musicians can bring to your wedding is unmatched.

Hiring a Band Gives You Flexibility

Since a live band is producing music on the spot, they’re also able to change it on the spot. So, they’re able to extend a song that has the party dancing, rearrange a song to flow better into the next. Or, even take on a request—ensuring your guests never leave the dancefloor! Most professional bands will also be able to play an assortment of music spanning different genres. From classic Rock ‘n Roll to R&B—the right band can do it all. Undercover Live’s song list features a variety of artists and songs fit for all ages.

Hiring a Band is Perfect for Every Guest

Now, some guests have been waiting for this very moment to show the world their slick new dance moves. Others, on the other hand, would much rather enjoy the music from their seats. With a band, it’s perfectly normal to hit the dancefloor or sit back and enjoy the show. This way, every guest will be satisfied doing what they’re comfortable with.

Hiring a Band is a Worthy Investment

People travel far and wide and pay good money to attend concerts for a reason. While typically more expensive than the traditional wedding DJ, a sensational live performance provides an unforgettable experience worthy of any investment. Booking early or setting up automatic savings ahead of time are good steps to ensure you can reserve the band of your choice for your big day. A professional band like Undercover Live brings world-class entertainment right to your venue at a price that won’t break the bank.

Hiring a Band Delivers Professional Expertise

DJs can range in experience. From a decorated musical veteran to a high schooler launching his first side gig, you never know what you’re going to get—or how they’ll be able to handle a dip in the party’s energy. A band (especially one like Undercover Live) is able to leverage years of experience delivering top-tier musical performances to your wedding guests. When you make the decision to hire a band like Undercover Live, you know you’re going to get the best. Just ask our clients!

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