Corona Virus

Hi fellow musicians,

Ya this sucks and I can imagine looks bleak.  I personally see this full work stop ending by the end of April, but that’s just me.  I hope you are all getting by with a little help from my friends!!….see what I did there?
Here are some resources for questions you may have moving forward.
Keep detailed accounts of financial losses
In a recent Seattle Times article, Kate Becker, the creative economy strategist for King County, said, “If you are an artist, keep track of your financial losses from canceled gigs or other setbacks. Whatever relief packages emerge from this situation, documentation of your hardships will come in handy.” Keep a running tally of any cancellations, refunds, extra expenses, anything related to the COVID-19 issue.

Independent Contractors In California May Have Limited Options To Apply For Unemployment Due To Coronavirus.  This is a great article and this looks like we will need to see what the Federal Government will do for 1099 gig workers.  If you have been employed as an employee then you have immediate options.

Consider some of these options to generate additional revenue.

  • Use services like Patreon — Patreon is a membership-based platform that allows artists and creators to post and share content and monetize those efforts. You can do special performances and charge for access, offer subscriptions so fans can support you, and even sell original creations.
  • Live stream events — Platforms such as YouTube and Mixer allow content creators to accept donations in real-time as they live stream. Both platforms have benchmarks and restrictions on this, so make sure you read the fine print.
  • Sell some stuff — Maybe now is the time to sell some gear, offer commissions, or provide lessons online. Facebook Marketplace, Offer-Up, and Etsy are just a few examples of easy-to-use platforms to bring in some extra cash.
Let’s make some online content!  Contact me with ideas or collaborations.
Be safe, stay well and keep busy!
George Loreto – Owner/Musician Undercover Live Entertainment
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