Party Bands for hire | Having fun at the gig

We have had so much fun together throughout the years! We are lucky be one of the best party bands for hire that has the privilege to employ  many of the top musicians in the Los Angeles music scene.  Although I don’t have pictures of all the players, this is a tribute to all the great ones that have played with Undercover Live Entertainment even if it was only filling in for an evening at the Sandpiper, we thank you!

Jason Toney, Carla Bosnake, Gabe Rosales, Brent Arcement, Alex Howland, Romeo Rodriguez, Randy Gist, Fred James, Triniti Bhaguandas, Stephanie Hodgdon, Maurice Smith, Michael Kennedy, Eli Hludzik, Wes Styles, Hubie Wang, Liz Ford, Mike Eyia, Justin Scott, Steve Araujo, Tim Butterworth, Eric Brown, Nathan Shrake, Todd McCool, Darrin Stafford, Andrew Matinez, Barry Chenault, Don French, Jara Harris, Leon Silva, Jenny Kid, Sheena Loza, Chris Batista, Michael Hill,  Jennifer Johnson, Stephanie Wall, John Knox, Josh Lampkins, Kenny Cosca, Jevon McGlory, Dave Siegel, our sound guys, Tom Sullivan, Mike Watson & Spenser Bishop and our band leader, George Lorteo. Just to name a few! I wish I had pictures of everyone! -Carla Bosnake(Lead/Emcee talent developer)


20121031_172100 20121103_191703 20131024_162636 2013101895145025Jamelle George-Guitar Lincoln Todd-Guitar

carla b eric weird carla & Steph gabe