Palm Springs wedding bands make their way to the Parker in Palm Springs

palm springs wedding bands

           Not your typical wedding,  The Parker was the backstage to this quarky & extremely exciting evening! This place is great for Undercover to become the choice for Palm Springs Wedding bands for the night of great entertainment! Wedding bands don’t always get the opportunity to play Metallica for the first dance! Rock on! They have huge grounds with a lot of cool games like croquet to play!  They also have separate pools for adults and children. Compared to other hotels they actually have a big restaurant and a spacious lobby.  I’d love to stay here on my next visit!!!

Chase and Serena were one of the nicest couples ever.  They stayed with us after their guest had left and talked to us till we were done breaking down to go home.  We got a chance to work with Kathy Recchia for the first time with .  She took extra special care of Chase and Serena and asked if we were a Palm Springs Wedding Band.  We told here we are available to perform in Orange County wedding band, Los Angeles Wedding band or just a band for hire.  We ended up working together latter that year at the Langham hotel in Pasadena.

Mr. & Mrs. Chase congrats and thank you for letting Undercover being a piece of this really memorable night!

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palm springs wedding bands

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