Inspiring wedding Ideas

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Your wedding day should be the most perfect and dream-like day for every girl in the world. However, booking the venue, decorations, finding the dress, accessories and catering can be pricey and you may even end up disliking some of the features.

That is why it is time that traditional expensive weddings make room for rustic spirit and fairy-tale like ambiance of the Boho wedding. Not only you will enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of rustic colors, natural materials and the most romantic decoration, but you will also feel like a true princess, surrounded by your loved ones and reunited with nature and true meaning of love.

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Out in the Open

When organizing a Boho wedding you can forget about the big hotel ballrooms and banquette halls. Instead, devote your heart to finding a place outside. Whether you choose a yard, garden, beach, cottage, rustic barn or even tents, you will not make a mistake. Nature provides the best venue with its colors, sounds and sweet smells; so choose your dream destination and start planning.

With Boho wedding style you have to think outside the box and always consider the spirit you want to achieve. It is all about bringing people together, so organize the seating so that people can be close to each other and you two. Shortly, think of the reception as one big picnic instead of a banquet, and your creativity will kick in. Find any place under a bright blue sky, provide enough seats, food and drinks, and your fairy tale can begin.

Inspiring wedding Ideas
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Bring a Part of the Exterior Inside

If you have trouble finding your piece of nature for the venue, do not despair. Nature and its beauties can be easily brought inside, along with its spirit. The most significant element is the presence of natural materials and fabrics, such as silk, linen, and chiffon. Designs and patters should be ethnic with hints of lace, fringes and embroidery.

The next step to incorporating nature is focusing on abundance of colors created with natural shades and tones. To create the correct atmosphere, you will have to use bold and non-traditional solutions and focus on what makes you happy.

Lastly, take plenty of flowers, plants and greenery and layer the venue with them. You do not even have to stick to one color of flowers, pick the ones you want from the gardens and make your own rustic arrangements that will bring light and perfect rustic ambient in your wedding.

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Romantic Lighting

Since the venue is situated outside, your wedding will be showered with romantic lighting of the sun during your ceremony. However, when the night comes and it is time to celebrate, you will need some additional lighting fixtures.

Once again, think outside the box; anything that meets your taste and has the vintage note is very welcome as a lighting option. Hang beautiful networks of bronze and copper light bulbs on the trees or a ceiling, place beautiful candles on each table, find some antique lanterns or tall copper candelabras and let your wedding shine in a fairy tale light.

Make your own lighting with small glasses and scented candles and tie them with silk ribbons, play with copper wire in a combination with candles or bulbs and make your own lanterns or simply order your rustic lighting online and have your dream wedding filled with romance. If the sky is clear, you will even have a touch of moonlight showering you with its beauty.

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Centerpieces and Decoration

Bohemian decoration exudes personal touch and DIY. Take your time and imagine all the decorations you wish to have on your wedding and just make them. Colorful ribbons made of natural materials, brightly colored wild flowers, garlands and bouquets instead of the expensive centerpieces, breathtaking dream catchers hanging from the ceiling or trees and colorful blankets instead of traditional tablecloths; that all should be present on your wedding and many other ornaments you desire.

This themed wedding is filled with playful asymmetric patterns, vintage glass, big scented candles and laced and checked fabrics. Unleash your creativity, gather your bridesmaids and fill one whole day with cute DIY projects.

Bohemian weddings are probably the most liberating and breathtaking events, and every bride deserves such perfect beauty for her special day. Make your own decorations, save tons of money, reunite with nature and everyone will have the time of their lives commemorated in the most amazing pictures.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl and an architecture student from Sydney, Australia. She loves to write about garden and interior décor. Lana enjoys in seeking trends in architecture and design and turn them into beautiful stories. Follow Lana on Facebook.

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