Corporate events are a vital part of a company’s existence for they help promote and boost the economic standing and business growth of the enterprise. Whatever corporate event it might be, i.e., team building, convention, conference or exhibition, it is always necessary to bring fun and hip entertainment to your guests. You don’t want your social function to be boring and bland or else everyone will be yawning or  be lulled to sleep in no time. To avoid this embarrassing situation, here are 12 tips to try to guarantee a fun and hip entertainment for corporate events:

Entertainment for Corporate Events

1. Let fire eaters and fire dancers start off the event

Hiring fire eaters and fire dancers is a sure fun way to kick off your event whether your company is launching a new product or service. Take advantage of the high energy by making introductory speeches and in recognizing the board of directors or other important persons and sponsors after the fire dancers performance.

2. Book a DJ and let him set the mood

Hiring a DJ can liven up and brighten the mood so booking one may be a good idea especially if you’re looking for a great entertainment for corporate events. Let the DJ spin and interact with the crowd by entertaining song requests from your guests and clients.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

3. Hire a band

Hiring a band for more interactive entertainment for corporate events as they provide more than just background music. A great band can specialize in certain music genres that you would like to incorporate in your event whether it be jazz, Top 40, pop, rock and roll or alternative.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

4. Hire a circus or acrobats if the space will allow it

Get the energy moving by providing endless entertainment for your guests. One way to provide a fun entertainment for corporate events is by hiring a circus or a group of acrobats that will sustain the high spirits of your guests.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

5. Hire a funny impersonator

If the event started off with a lackluster opening number, hiring an impersonator may just do the trick to provide fun entertainment. The impersonator may make fun of your CEO or some of the employees in order to add some jolly entertainment for corporate events.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

6.  Set up a photo booth

Guests would surely love a souvenir from the event so why not set up a photo booth where they don’t need to be formal in having their pictures taken?

Entertainment for Corporate Events

7. Book a digital caricature artist

Another way to give souvenirs is by hiring a very talented digital caricature artist who will draw caricature of your employees and guests.

8. Host a game show

A fun, engaging and interactive entertainment for corporate events to try is by holding game shows or quiz shows where all of the employees get to participate by dividing them into teams. This is also an alternative team building activity that you could try on your corporate events.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

9. Set up giant pub gaming stations

Guests would love to be entertained by playing fun games on the day of your corporate event. Setting up a gaming station in your events place will be highly appreciated.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

10. Hire singing waiters

Give your guests a dining experience with a twist by hiring singing waiters that will serve them food as they carry a tune. This is one fun idea of entertainment for corporate events that you should try.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

11. Hire flamboyant show girls

Show girls will definitely bring sparkle, glamour and entertainment for corporate events so why not hire them? Hiring show girls will give you the needed wow factor for your events with their exceptional dance numbers and routines.

Entertainment for Corporate Events

12. Hire an ice sculptor

Hire an ice sculptor who can sculpt your company logo and let him entertain your guests with his works and sculptures.

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