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Undercover Live Corporate Party Entertainment Promo Video

Undercover Live: The Best Corporate Party Entertainment

Nothing is more important for a successful corporate event than superb corporate party entertainment. Frankly, it will be the one thing that your colleagues will be talking about for months afterward. Plus, you expected the best from your employees all year. So, what better way to honor them than by giving them the best in return with a professionally packaged event that will make your night one to be remembered – in a good way? They are loyal to you and already love working for your company. Now, give them something else to brag about, the best corporate party entertainment in the industry!

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Why Undercover Live for Corporate Party Entertainment?

Our corporate event package is specifically tailored to your entertainment needs and to give you the best corporate party entertainment. Also, In addition, to live music, packages can include professional sound and microphones for speeches, dance floor lighting, and specially contoured dinner and DJ music during band breaks. Also, we have performed at more than 1,850 events since being established in 2003! Therefore, we are experts in our field. So, there is no event too big or too small. We will bring the party to your event! Afterward, you will be happily bragging about how YOU are the one that found Undercover Live Entertainment to all your colleagues!

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A Decade of Proven Track Record of Excellence

There are many bands out there you can choose from. We get that! However, not every band is award-winning. Plus, not every band is award-winning every single year for 10 years in a row our of the 11 years the award is given. has just announced their winners for the 2019 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards. For the 10th year in a row, Undercover Live was listed as a winner! We were one of only 3 bands in Orange County awarded this renowned award. We take pride in our work and take pride in our consistency. Whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, we treat every event with high standards or performance and professionalism.

We Are Travel Ready

Whether your corporate event is in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Fransisco, Aspen, Phoenix, Hawaii, Mexico or any other destination location, we are there for you.

Undercover Live Travel Corporate Party EntertainmentSo, we are ready to travel! Plus, we can coordinate all the technical and logistics for any location. Because of this, it is just another way to make you worry free with those details. Not to mention, the search for great entertainment can be extensive and we understand you do not have much time to spare. Therefore, you can book any of our bands knowing that we can come to you. Corporate party entertainment is not something you second-guess or want to play roulette with. Especially when you have one chance a year at making a good impression. So, hire one of the most sought after bands for corporate entertainment from Undercover Live Entertainment.

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DJ vs. Live Band

Undercover Live Corporate Party Entertainment

Hiring a DJ can cost less, but you would be investing in an unmotivated form of music entertainment with minimal audience interaction. Honestly, there really is no other experience like having a great band with performers that interact with your guests and really pull them out onto the dance floor. Also, nothing boosts company morale more than an event filled with great music from a great corporate party band at your event. However, if you chose to hire both a band and DJ, we are happy to coordinate and work with them to make the night go perfectly! Just the way you want it!

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Who have we performed for?

We have performed for some of the largest companies in the country and in the world! Just to name a few: PennWell, Boys & Girls Club of America, Intuit,  Hyundai, Skadden Law Firm,  Samsung,  Barrett Jackson,  Pacific Trust Bank,  Kia, FCCLA,  Startrac, Cadence Pharmaceuticals, and many more!

The Music You Want

Our exclusive corporate event entertainment bands deliver best in styles of music from Swing, Motown, Top 40, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, the ’80s to Latin, Funk, Rock, Ska, and Soul. Therefore, we cater to your event, your needs, your guests, and what you want to hear and dance to. So, our music is perfect for your wedding reception but not limited to other events such as:

  • Banquets
  • Charities
  • Corporate Parties & Events
  • Festivals, Fairs, Concerts & Special Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Gallas & Balls
  • Grand Openings
  • Holiday parties
  • Product Launches
  • Team Building
  • Trade Shows

We know that options are detrimental when making a decision on a band for your corporate party entertainment. Plus, not only do we have the song lists, but we also have multiple bands for you to choose from. Each band provides a certain theme or style of music that gives you even more options to choose from. So, let us introduce you to our bands; your choice for corporate party entertainment.

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Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment


Our flagship band! When you think of your ultimate party band, Undercover should come to mind! Because, this band is high energy, fun, dynamic and is guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Also, they are completely customizable from a small intimate 5 piece band to a full out 15 piece party machine! They specialize in high energy dance music in Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B, and Top 40 from the 1950’s up to today’s hits. So, you will not regret your decision on having Undercover as your corporate party


Similar to Undercover, this extreme party band knows how to bring the party! Also customizable, you can have this band as a 6 piece band or up to an 11 piece band. This band is energetic, lively, and high powered for the dance floor. Also, just like Undercover, their song list is very similar in that they perform high energy dance music in Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B and Top 40 from the 1950’s up to current hits. You and your guests will not be able to stay seated. They are sure to pull you out to the dance floor!

Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment
Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment

Grilled Cheese Soundwich

This exclusive 6 piece band plays all your favorite Rock and Pop music from the 1980’s to today! They are lead by our talented vocalist Nathan Shrake! This group consists of a male vocalist, female vocalist, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. So, this is your party time group available for Weddings, Corporate & Private events. This fun and vibrant group is sure to bring that 90’s kid out!


Bring the Latin heat to your event! This 10 piece band specializes in Latin music, Pop and Soul. Not to mention, this spicy group loves to dance and will have you and your guests feeling like they just stepped into a Spanish oasis. This classy and sharp looking group fools the eye; they are high energy and will be sure to get those hips movin’!

Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment
Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment

Yachty by Nature

Put on your Captain’s Hat and prepare to put on some Sperry boat shoes! This hot 6 piece band is exactly what you would expect! Yachty by Nature plays the finest of yachty late 1970’s to early 1980’s groovy soft Rock. They pay tribute to some of that era’s biggest names: Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Toto, Christopher Cross, the Eagles and much more! Plus, they are 100% live and do not use any backing tracks and keep their performances real. Which keeps this band free to improvise and give a unique experience of musical freedom.

Neon Nation

Neon Nation is the newest addition to the Undercover Live Family! With 6 lead vocalists, Neon Nation’s family-branded entertainment rocks a wider selection of 1980’s hits than any other ’80s band. Plus, they recreate the songs and performances of those hits just like people remember them. With their neon outfits and bright colors that rock the stage, it is sure to bring many back to a decade of big hair and musical expression. So, they are sure to fill your dance floor and have your guests dancing with some moves you haven’t seen in a few decades!

Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment
Undercover Live Best Corporate Party Entertainment

The 5 Piece Jazz Ensemble

Changing the pace to be the perfect Dinner/Cocktail Entertainment, this 5 piece Jazz ensemble thrives on bringing this classic genre to a diverse audience. For that reason, they demonstrate the unique sense of sophistication from Traditional American Popular Music. This small intimate group is inspired by such musical geniuses like Gershwin, Riddle, Sinatra, Porter, Armstrong, and Marsalis. As a result, they influence modern audiences of all ages to discover or rediscover the timeless songs from one of our greatest generations.

Before Your Event

Undercover Before Your Event Corporate Party Entertainment

Now that you have made your decision on which band you want, you may be asking yourself, “Okay. What’s next?” Well, we take pride in our strong organization and automation to ensure our clients are 110% satisfied with our bands and our company. Plus, our strong partnerships with destination management companies, event planners, and catering managers have helped propel the Undercover Live Entertainment brand. Therefore, we work closely with your planner to ensure we have every detail about the night. In addition, we provide limited emceeing for your event to announce all the special moments from your toasts to games and drawings, to dance-offs, and more. However, if you want to take the spotlight and do your own emceeing, we can provide a microphone and have you steal the show. We can make it all happen for you to make your night go the way you want it to go!

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Client Questionnaire to Bring the Best Corporate Party Entertainment

Questionnaire customize corporate party entertainment

Thanks to a very detailed questionnaire that we provide to all our clients when we start the planning process, we are able to be as detailed as possible from the get-go! So, we give you access to this questionnaire soon after booking our band to give you plenty of time for planning. Next, we carefully review all the details and work closely with your planner to straighten out any kinks that may come of concern. Then, on the day of your event, everything with your entertainment is good to go! So, one less stress on you! We know how the day of an event can be quite exhausting and taxing. Therefore, we do everything we can to make your life easier so you can enjoy the night!

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See Undercover Live Perform

Of course, you want to see what you are about to book! We understand the importance of wanting the opportunity to experience Undercover Live Entertainment and see what the hype is about. Therefore, if you have never seen us, you will not be disappointed. Not to mention, our singers and musicians are all professionals and have been performing for years and for decades. Plus, on top of our experience performing for private and public events of all sizes and locations, most of us have higher education in music performance or are currently teaching on the side. Not to mention, music is our passion and we truly just love what we do. So, it shows in our performance and professionalism.

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Where to See Undercover Live

We regularly have public events so that you may come to check us out and have a night of fun. Plus, it’s for free! So, just go to our “Public Events” page and make plans to see us at the next performance. Almost every weekend, we are performing at the Sandpiper Bar in Laguna Beach, CA. Which, by the way, is a really great bar that we have exclusively been performing at for years who have great drinks with a packed dance floor! Plus, it is the perfect centralized location for all of Southern California. Conveniently, The Sandpiper is only about an hour and a half from downtown San Diego and an hour from downtown Los Angeles. However, the Sandpiper bar is not the only place we perform publicly. So, please keep an eye on our calendar so you can plan your next night to see us live!

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