No One Knew What Was Behind The Curtain

Imagine sitting in your seat at the gorgeous Hilton San Diego Bayfront for an awards ceremony that your company is having. Men, you have your ties on all tight against your neck ready to unbutton that top button. Ladies, those shoes have been killing you ever since you slipped them on at home. You are dying to take them off by now! But, you are doing your very best to keep it together. Especially, since you are in the same room with 800 of your fellow colleagues. Uncomfortable and honestly, just ready to either go home to bed or get your party on. You already had a cocktail or two during the cocktail hour! You would rather get up, let loose, and get your dance on. But apparently, they didn’t have any awards ceremony entertainment planned for the night. Well, that you knew of.

Now, you are at the end of the awards ceremony and you are grabbing your things from around your chair and table. The bustling of the guests starts to fill up the ballroom. Unexpectedly, a curtain opens, stage widens up, bright lights come on and BAM!! A live band starts playing one of your favorite songs! The party has JUST begun! Time to head to the dancefloor or to that cocktail bar. Whichever you prefer first to get your moves going.

On January 9, 2019, Undercover was that band to be the awards ceremony entertainment for a huge awards ceremony of over 800 people. No one knew there was going to be any entertainment, let alone a live band! What a great surprise for these guests. The dancefloor was flooded with people and they were ready to dance! What an incredible night and we can not wait to perform at the next awards ceremony or corporate party.

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