How to Choose the Right Band for Your Event

When it comes to entertainment for special events, there’s simply nothing quite like having live music. A band automatically makes people want to get up and dance. The energy is electric and exciting. It’s just something that a DJ (or a laptop with speakers) just can’t match. For any special event or party that you want to be memorable, a live band is, without doubt, the way to go.


But how do you choose the right band? When it comes to live entertainment for events, there are so many to choose from—so how do you know which ones will play the right music? Blush Banquet Hall, a party and wedding venue based in Los Angeles, has worked with Undercover Entertainment for events of all kinds. According to the manager at Blush, Avo Petrossian, the key is to know your audience and work with professionals.

Yachty by Nature

“A band you want for a Sweet 16 or a quinceañera is going to be different than a band you want for a 50-year wedding anniversary or a fundraiser,” says Petrossian.  For example, a live band like Yachty by Nature that performs 1970s and 1980s soft rock is fantastic for corporate events or an anniversary party, but probably wouldn’t be a good fit for a quinceañera.  However, a band like Grilled Cheese SoundwichLegacy or Candela would be perfect for a quinceañera or Sweet 16, since they perform a great mix of both classics and new hits with lots of energy.

Grilled Cheese Soundwich

It can be a little tricky to choose the right band when you just want something fun to keep guests dancing, since there are so many good acts available. This is where you have to really know your audience. For example, a jazz ensemble might work best for a black-tie company awards gala, while a band like Grilled Cheese Soundwich is great for more casual business functions. Both are corporate events, and both bands will keep people dancing, but the tone of each event requires different types of bands.


“Knowing your audience is extremely important,” says Petrossian. “If you’re holding a ceremony to honor the 85-year-old founder of a company, the music should obviously be different than it would for a bar mitzvah. And a bar mitzvah is going to be different than a wedding reception. Undercover is one of the best acts for receptions, but they might be out of place at a christening, for example.”

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Once you’ve decided what type of music will fit the tastes of your guests the best, it’s just a matter of finding the right band. “Working with a company like Undercover Entertainment is highly recommended, since they offer a wide range of truly talented professionals,” adds Petrossian. “You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.”

How to Choose the Right Band for Your Event
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