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Hiring a band is just one of the many exciting party entertainment ideas that could make your next event an unforgettable one! After a long week of seminars or busy work season, celebrate the companies success with providing your employees with exceptional live corporate entertainment.  Large companies like Mastercard throws a great deal of parties for their employees and  always hire top notch musical acts for conventions, seasonal parties and other corporate events.

#1 Select a band to match your audience, not for your own interests!

Don’t hire a 60’s band if your crowd if full of 20-30 somethings. It may seem like an obvious tip, but it is often the first mistake made! Find out the age range of your audience and their musical tastes. Also it is important to know the ratio of women to men and if they will be with their spouses. These details will help you band better know what song to add to their music set list for your event.

 #2 Know what the backup plan is!

Many in demand bands are booked months in advance so it is possible that one of the band members many not be able to attend due to sickness, transportation issues or maybe they aren’t even in the group anymore. Be sure that the band has back up performers that are up to par with the product that you hired! Always ask what the back up plan is if they say “Don’t worry, no one has ever missed a gig” chances are they are inexperienced and  this will show in their performance.


corporate entertainment ideas#3 Contact the bandleader, not just the agent

If your working with an agent be sure to get the email and phone number contact for the band leader. Specific event details should always be coordinated with the bandleader! The band is responsible for the success of the performance and the agent may have misconstrued some of the event details through the many emails and calls placed while coordinating an event.

#4 Paying good money for a band is worth it

Performing music is a business and many musicians work full time as wedding/corporate event entertainers. By no means break the company bank on the band, but if it requires more funds to hire a specific band it may be worth consideration. You don’t want your guests to leave after the 1st set! It is understandable to want to save money with all the expenses in hosting a large corporate event food, drinks, linens and centerpieces! But remember the band is going to be the center of party, not the table centerpieces.

corporate entertainment ideas

#5 Don’t take too long hiring the band you want

It takes a lot of shopping around to find the perfect band for your event. Often party bands will be booked 8-16 months in advance so the chances that they may already be booked for your specific date is a big possibility. When you find the band that will work best for your event, take immediate action and get to negotiating and getting a contract signed!

corporate events entertainment

Hopefully these few party entertainment ideas when hiring a band will help you provide a memorable experience for your company! These tips should assure you have all the tools to get the best performance for your audience and your dollar.

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