Orange County Weddings | Mr. & Mrs. Stephens 3/13/11 | The Sandpiper Lounge in Laguna Beach

Brian & Amber true love! After a beautiful beach ceremony these two partied it up at the world famous Sandpiper Bar in Laguna beach! Lots of dancing, lots of friends & yes…lots of booze! After all it’s always a party at the dirty bird! Undercover has been playing at the sandpiper for coming up on 10yrs! After playing so many weddings to get to decorate the entire Piper in streamers, balloon and tables set for dinner! Orange County weddings are our  favorites! Congrats & good luck to these special friends of ours!

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What our clients are saying about Undercover Live Entertainment…

“My Name Is Brian Stevens. My wife and I were married in March of 2011. Our wedding was a wonderful day for us and our family and friends. We spent months planning and prepping for this day. The one thing that was the most important to us was the entertainment, since this is usually the only thing guest really remember about a wedding. Food and ice sculptures are soon forgotten but a great entertaining band will always be remembered even years later. That is why we chose UNDERCOVER for our band. After seeing them perform at a bar in our home town we knew they were going to be the hit of our wedding. George and Carla and the rest of the band are some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They were willing to go beyond all my expectations to make our day special. They would call us all the time to help us pick out the perfect music for all the dances and gave their suggestions on what works best, since this is a stressful time this was really appreciated sometimes you don’t know all the options or what will work. The UNDERCOVER band took care of everything. George was even willing to play his guitar for us while my beautiful bride walked down the isle. They even introduced our wedding party on the sound system and a one point let my father-in law join them on stage for a few songs. They were very open to letting us have our special day the way we wanted it. Any song that we wanted them to play they had no problem accommodating our likes and needs. We have only been married a few months but almost everyday i get a comment about the band that we had at our wedding. I have had many people ask me for my band info so they can you UNDERCOVER at their wedding. This band is beyond amazing, friendly, professional, and just a real down to earth group who til this day i still keep in contact with and occasionally go see when they are at a local bar. If you want a band that will give you a great memory of your special day with that personal touch that your are striving for, look no further. UNDERCOVER will definitely be playing at my anniversary.”

-Brian & Amber

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