Bell Canyon Association’s 50th Anniversary Party

Bell Canyon Association just turned 50 years old and they had Undercover Live come celebrate with them! Also, it’s always a pleasure and honor returning to perform for a repeat client. The loyalty of these clients is always appreciated and we can’t be any more grateful. So, thank you Bell Canyon for bringing us back to party with you! So, what a fun 5oth anniversary party! Throughout the day and evening they had some really great activities for the kids and was very family oriented. So, since they turned their parking lot into the venue space connected to their offices, guests enjoyed dinner, birthday cake, the live band, bounce house, arcade room, and so much more. Also, one of the best parts of the night was a floss dance contest with the kids! Once again, we had a great time and hope to be back next year. ūüôā

A Little About Bell Canyon

First off, Bell Canyon is located in the beautiful western hills of the San Fernando Valley roughly between Calabasas and Simi Valley. Additionally, this community has endured quite a lot recently as they were hit hard by the Woolsey Fire of 2018 among many others in the area. Unfortunately, these fires scorched 96,949 acres and destroyed 1,643 structures including dozens of homes in Bell Canyon. Terrifyingly, over 295,000 people evacuated from the area. Sadly, the fire ended up taking 3 lives in Southern California. So, it was quite a scary time for Bell Canyon during one of California’s deadliest fire seasons. Therefore, to be celebrating another year with this community was more than just a party, but more of a triumph. Lastly, we are ever so grateful to celebrate with Bell Canyon Association at their 50th Anniversary Party.

50th anniversary party
50th anniversary party
50th anniversary party
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