Co-ed baby shower ideas!

Have a band at your baby bash!

McCallen’s Baby Shower 1/4/14

Hiring a band could be one of the best Co-Ed Baby Shower ideas out there! The band can help facilitate the games by playing fun music behind any contests you’ve planned. This year Undercover Live Entertainment got invited to play The Mcallens Co-Ed Baby Shower Bash to celebrate Baby Boy Clemens soon arrival! The band played the final countdown as guests competed to see who could chug beer from a baby bottle (nipple on of course) the fastest! It was hilarious for the onlookers as well as contestants. The pictures will surely embarrass these adult babies for years to come.

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Baby shower time line:

5-6pm: Cocktail hour (open bar!)

6-7pm: Dinner

7-7:30: Games

7:30-9pm: Dancing, Sweets and Celebration

The Mcallens chose to begin the shower with a cocktail hour and as guest arrived with their hands full of colorful presents, the band played upbeat music to greet them. They were also offered small bit foods being passed around and special cocktails served at an open bar. Dressed with a blue swirled straw and served with fresh blueberries the “Pregnantini Pomegranate Cooler, was a hit among everyone!


Having that perfect band to get your family and friends dancing, enjoying each other’s company and celebrating the new life that everyone is anxious to meet is a different twist that doesn’t have to be costly. Consider having your event on a week night to save on band costs as well as the venue.

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