Crossroads Estates Wedding Entertainment in Los Olivos, CA

If you’ve ever seen Los Olivos or the Santa Ynez Valley with your own eyes, you already know how beautiful it is. Therefore, Crossroads Estates is no exception. The estate has a very sophisticated and elegant feel. Plus it is adorned with a large barn, picturesque oak trees, and boasts remarkable views of the San Rafael Mountains. If you were to just imagine “classic vineyard wedding” in your mind, chances are you’d be pretty close to the reality of this property. Jackie and Chris chose this gorgeous setting for their wedding. So, we were so glad they selected us for their wedding entertainment needs!

Undercover Live Entertainment
Undercover Live Entertainment
Undercover Live Entertainement

All Night Long with Jackie and Chris

Luckily for us, the happy couple asked us to provide ceremony music. Like a perfect picture, the ceremony was underneath two beautiful, sprawling trees, as well as the cocktail hour. Which, by the way, we provided for them, as well. All this, in addition to, an eight-piece band for their rocking reception! Now, obviously the setting itself is impressive but it would be no exaggeration to say the energy in the crowd was just as incredible as the venue itself!

Everyone, and I mean everyone, was dancing ALL NIGHT! We’re talking full dance floor here, people! During cocktail hour, between courses at dinner, after dinner – everyone was on their feet! We even had our lead vocalist and drummer join the fun for a little line dancing with the guests! These folks came to move and shake! So, we had the best time singing and dancing along with them all night long. We had a great group here! All of Jackie and Chris‘ family and friends came out to celebrate them. So, we are so happy they chose Undercover for their Crossroads Estates wedding entertainment! They say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Trust us, when we say we know the feeling because this is exactly what they mean!

Undercover Live Entertainment