Illumination Foundation Homeless Fundraiser Event

Undercover Live Entertainment has a strong stance in helping the homeless get into programs. We beleive that the homeless issue in Southern California has become a crisis. Therefore, we fully support the work of the Illumination Foundation. So, with the help of all their supporters, the Illumination Foundation has already made an impact on the issue. For example, they have provided over 1,000,000 safe shelter nights to the most vulnerable homeless in SoCal. However, just in Orange County there are over 7,000 officially homeless according to the Illumniation Foundation. Along with the foundation, we agree that this should be a wake up call to the cities of Orange County. So, we want to help bring awareness to this amazing company. Therefore, we donated our time and performane to the Illumnation Foundation homeless fundraiser event. This was our second time to donate our time to them and very happy we did!

Also, we want to give you an opportunity to show your support of the Illumination Foundation by clicking here and donating to this cause. Additionally, please be sure to check out the rest of their website for more pricessless information. We highly encourage anyone to get involved and help fight this crisis.

A Personal Journey out of Homelessness

Fashion Island

Next, we definitely want to tell you a little about the venue that supported the foundation and held the fundraiser. Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach is a fantastic upscale mall just a couple of minutes from the beach. Also, one thing that sets it apart is it’s mixed indoor/outdoor spaces taking advantage of the SoCal weather. Additionally, if you’d like to keep up with their events, please be sure to click here for their events calander. Lastly, if you are looking to hold your event or fundraiser, let them know we sent you. Then, contact us to discuss options for your event!

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