Your best friend has just proposed and you couldn’t be more excited to spend forever with them.
This joyous occasion is something you have always dreamt of and nothing can keep you from
feeling like you are on cloud nine. Your wedding is a day that you plan to be perfect in every way,
but it’s what you don’t plan to happen that can put a damper on things. To help you get an idea
of ways that you can make your special day go off with a hitch, we have prepared a list of
wedding expenses that you should protect.

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Keep Your Purchases Safe When Planning Your Wedding

Blue Nile engagement rings

  • Ring(s)
    Sure, it may not sound like the most romantic thing to do, but making sure your wedding
    rings are insured is the first step you should take in planning anything for your wedding
    day. Whether your wedding and engagement rings are $1,000 or $100,000, an insurance
    policy is not only a way of honoring their financial value but what they represent as well.
    Yes, the rings themselves can be replaced, but the sentiment behind them is priceless,
    which is all the more reason to make sure to insure your love. Not sure how to begin this
    process? Search for engagement ring sites online, like Blue Nile, who offer jewelry
    insurance information right on their site. This is a great way to begin your search and find
    the best coverage for you. In store jewelers can also provide you with the same information
    as well, depending on where you choose to purchase your rings.
Avalon Hotel Palm Springs Wedding Entertainment

Avalon Hotel Palm Spring

  • Venue
    Your venue is what sets the mood and theme of your wedding and though it may be a
    hard concept to accept- disasters can happen on your special day. From a sudden
    cancellation to a damage caused by an over-enthusiastic guest, most venues will
    recommend you purchase wedding insurance. This can help protect you against the
    unexpected, and will also provide you with peace of mind.

  • Entertainment
    You may think to yourself, “what could possibly go wrong with who I hire as my
    entertainment”? Well, think again. There are no doubts that the entertainment you hire on
    your big day will keep the party going, whether it’s a rockin’ band from Undercover Live
    Entertainment or an up and coming DJ. However, it is important to keep in mind that if
    something were to go wrong during preparations, set-up, clean-up or during the big day
    itself, you have yourself covered. Therefore, when searching for your entertainment,
    make sure to bring up vendor insurance to see if they carry it.

  • Wedding Planner
    It is no secret that planning a wedding is quite the task. Between booking vendors and
    choosing every element of the décor, couples typically spend hours working out the
    details of their ceremony and reception. That is why the perks of hiring a wedding planner
    are endless. Not only will they take responsibilities off your plate, but they will use their
    insider knowledge and connections to link you with trustworthy vendors that will make
    sure your special day goes as smooth as ever.
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