Tips for Los Angeles Weddings on a Budget

Who wouldn’t fancy saying “I Do” and exchanging vows at the romantic City of Angels? An upscale global city, there’s more to LA than meets the eyes and this is certainly the truth for many couples who choose to be wed in this vibrant city. There’s something about this city that makes it an ideal place to be wedded in bliss so no wonder this is the place to be. Los Angeles weddings are always grand and spectacular in so many ways but you can always celebrate your big day minus the expensiveness and extravagance by remembering these tips for that whimsical and fairy-tale like wedding of yours.

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1. Find a posh-looking but budget-friendly wedding venue

Los Angeles weddings are really beautiful. Especially, if they are celebrated in romantic venues. However, did you know that you can always find an expensive-looking place without hurting your budget? It may sound too-good-to-be-true. But, if you only have the patience for hunting that perfect wedding venue, you can always find something that will both cater to your taste and budget. Here are some of the inexpensive LA wedding venues you could check out: Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock, Inn of the Seventh Ray, Union Station, C&O Trattoria, Lobo Castle and Daily Dose to name a few.

Tips for Choosing Live Wedding Entertainment

2. Find an affordable caterer that will provide reception food and drinks

Los Angeles weddings are not only lavish and flamboyant. They’re also known for their unique and mouthwatering food that caters to your taste buds. If cooking and providing your food isn’t your thing and want to save yourself the stress, it’s best to hire a caterer. Hire one that offers tasteful buffet food on a budget. Here are some affordable caterers that might be of help to you on your wedding day: Culinary Delight Catering, Modern Art Catering, Summit Event Catering, and The Gastrobus.

3. Book a professional wedding photographer and videographer

Los Angeles weddings are best captured in photos and still shots. So, booking a professional wedding photographer and videographer should be on your top priority. Also, your wedding will definitely be one of your cherished memories. Therefore, why not keep mementos that will remind you of that fateful day when you were married to the love of your life? Most couples spend a lot on this wedding aspect. Understandably, they wanted their photos and videos to be the best. However, you can have quality wedding photos without breaking the budget. Here’s a list of affordable wedding photographers in LA that might be perfect for your wedding: LA Budget Wedding Photographer, Altar Image Photography, J FINO Photography, Ariella Photography, and Blushing Bride Photo Video.

4. Look for inexpensive beautiful wedding flowers

Los Angeles weddings are definitely abundant and overflowing. Especially, with colorful and fragrant flowers, that’s why guests are always wowed. However, too many flowers can also break your budget. So, it’s best to think of flowers that you love the most for your wedding. Also, you can use these flowers for both the ceremony and for the reception as centerpieces. This strategy will help you save and cut on your flower expenses.

5. Don’t forget about your wedding ceremony and reception music

What makes Los Angeles weddings one of the best occasions to attend to? Beautiful music to dance the night away, of course! At the end of it all, you and your guests will certainly look forward to an epic wedding party with great music! Let your guests have a great time with music provided by a professional wedding band or musicians. You can always find professional wedding bands and musicians that provide great music here at Undercover Live Entertainment.

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