Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding

The Vibiana is easily one of the most luxurious and award-winning venues in Los Angeles. This cathedral turned venue will make you feel like you’re part of the royal family. Originally, it was the city’s first Archdiocese Catholic cathedral completed in 1876. Also, the domed high ceilings with intricate details of a gothic cathedral will take you back a century. However, adding a few extra uplights and lights to illuminate the magnificent alter creates a perfect mix of historical and modern luxury. So, the details alone will impress not only you but your guests at your Los Angeles Vibiana wedding.Undercover Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding Undercover Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding Undercover Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding

Courtney & Adam

This couple was so sweet and were ready to get their dance on! They even jumped on stage with us at the end to get a picture with the band. By the way, that was their idea! Not only did they stay on the dance floor, but it was also hard for the band to stay on the stage. Song after song the dance floor was filled with guests. Even at the end of the night, their guests chanted “One more song! One more song!” Unfortunately, we were at the end of the night and the vendors and venue had to start loading out. However, it is always a great feeling when that happens. So, thank you, Courtney and Adam, for having Undercover Live as your Vibiana wedding entertainment!

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Undercover Owner with Bride

The Bride, Courtney with George Loreto, Owner of Undercover Live

A Little Extra From Your Vibiana Wedding Entertainment

One thing that we offer with booking Undercover Live Entertainment bands is you also gain an Emcee. We can take care of your emcee needs for you. No need to hire a DJ in addition to our bands. Although, we are happy to work with a DJ and have before. However, we will do the emceeing for you if you’d like. So, just know that once you hire us, we got all your formalities covered for you.  So, just give us a call or text, or fill out our online form to start your quote for your Vibiana wedding entertainment. We got you covered!

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Undercover Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding Undercover Los Angeles Vibiana Wedding

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