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A Sound Man Wedding: Mike & Arianna Watson

Undercover Live Entertainment had one of their very own knots tied! We had a Sound Man Wedding and it was a blast!! Congratulations to Mike and Arianna Watson on their marriage on November X, 2018 at the beautiful event space The Shelby in Carson, CA! We have had the honor of having Mike as one of our main sound men for corporate events and weddings for over 7 years. Therefore, we can not be any more thrilled for him. Plus, on top of him getting married, we had the opportunity to be a part of this monumental moment in his life by providing music and entertainment for him and his guests. So, we wanted to make sure we gave back to him and let him know that we appreciate his years of loyalty and dedication to our company.

When it comes to weddings and corporate events, we know what we are doing. After performing at over 1,650 events since 2003, this one is special to us. Like a proud parent, when it is one of your own, it proves to us that we are doing things right. He trusted us to provide the wedding reception experience that he has seen us give time and time again. Says a lot, right? It is like choosing your favorite restaurant to cater your event! You know that they will provide the quality of food to your friends and loved ones that they have given you over the years.

Undercover Live Sound Man Wedding Guitar

Some of Mike and Arianna’s Vendors

Speaking of vendors! Let us talk about a few Mike and Arianna used. So, who would our trusty Sound Man choose to take care of his own wedding? You may be reading this as a friend or loved one and just excited to see Mike and Arianna. However, you may be searching for your very own to use at your wedding or party. We know that these decisions are not easy. Therefore, let us help you out a little by talking about a few of the ones they used. However, this list will be much shorter than the actual list of vendors they used, at least we can highlight a small handful for you. Your vendors are the arteries and the lifelines of your event, and we know reading reviews of experience with them helps tremendously.

Undercover Live at Sound Man Wedding Keys


First, let us start with the venue. The Shelby in Carson, CA is beautiful and fresh with a modern touch elegance. The staff was warm, welcoming and always willing to help. They ensured that we had everything we needed to make the load in, performance, and loadout go as smoothly as possible. As the entertainment, we had one fantastic and easy experience with The Shelby. As a result, we are confident this was a reflection of Mike and Arianna’s experience, as well. Venues like The Shelby always provide versatility, service, capacity, and cleanliness for every client. It was important for Mike and Arianna to find the perfect venue to give them that 5-star experience for them and their guests. After all, this is one of the biggest nights of their life! The Shelby delivered just that!

Undercover Live Sax at Sound Man Wedding
Undercover Live Singer at Sound Man Wedding

Wedding Planner

Next, on to the brains behind the organization and planning! Planning a wedding can be taxing and stressful. Each detail is just as important as each other. Therefore, your organization skills have to be on point so that no detail is overlooked or forgotten. Of course, we would like to recommend the wedding planner Katherine Hoggard. She is amazing! We have been working with her and her associates for over 8 years now. Her attention to detail is impeccable. One thing that is important that sometimes a couple does not think of is the communication to the band from the planner. We need to know all the details of the night to make sure all the special moments happen and happen at the right time. Because not all wedding receptions are the same, it is important that we gather all the information to make sure we stop for those special moments. So, Katherine does just that. From the wedding party introductions to the last song of the night, she makes sure we are in the know with the 4-1-1. Anyone else just think of the movie “Mean Girls” just now? 🙂

Undercover Live guitarist at Wedding Man Wedding


Now, the art of photography helps capture the magic of the moment. Taking pictures is one thing; capturing memorable moments is another. Well, Westmont Photography did just that! The quality of their photography was just as perfect as their ability to catch those moments that Mike and Arianna will never forget. In addition to that, not only is capturing the moment important, but their quality of editing is spot on. The pictures Westmont produced are vibrant, clear, colorful, and fresh. You can check out some of their fantastic photography yourself in this blog post!

Undercover Live Sound Man Wedding drummer

Undercover Live Entertainment

Lastly, Undercover Live Entertainment is your hub for the perfect musical entertainment for your event! Thankfully, we have a growing demand for more and more performances each year. Undercover Live has been performing for Southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles since 2003 at more than 1,650 events, for over 75,000 guests with 325 certified online reviews. Ultimately, we have become Orange County’s most sought-after band and one of the fastest growing entertainment companies. However, we are not limited to just Southern California but have traveled to the surrounding states, Hawaii, Mexico and beyond. Though we love weddings, we are not limited to them. Corporate parties have become one of our fortes! With some of the world’s largest companies as our clients, we continue to add on to our list every year. From Intuit to Kia Motors to the American Heart Association and many more, we are ready to impress your guests and colleagues while professionally partnering up with your event coordinator to ensure your night runs as smoothly as possible with your entertainment.

Undercover Live keys and singer at Sound Man Wedding

Booking Undercover Live Entertainment

Let us be your event’s entertainment. We understand that each party, wedding reception and corporate event is unique. Therefore, we discuss what your needs are and we figure out together what your best options are. How large would you like your band? Would you like a horn section? How many singers? Perhaps you want a themed band? Maybe you want a jazz ensemble for your Cocktail hour? We can help! Also, feel free to check out our bands’ pages by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog post!

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