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qualified experienced professionals

Our musicians are qualified experienced professionals


All our players are working musicians

Working professionals making a living doing what they do best, Music!


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“Booking with Undercover Live Entertainment for our wedding was one of the best decisions we made.”

A Little About Undercover Live Entertainment Bands and Talent

Undercover Live Entertainment bands are ready for any event! Also, our bands specialize in a vast range of music that is perfect for every event.  From weddings to corporate parties, awards ceremonies to grand openings, holiday parties to galas, private parties to festivals we have the musical repertoire for you. So, here is a little summary of our live entertainment bands.

Top 40 Party Bands

First, each live party band is specially made to cater to certain needs of our clients. Undercover and Legacy are your ultimate Top 40 party band machines. Furthermore, they are both customizable in size and specialize in high energy dance music. Therefore, they are designed to keep your dance floor packed for your most diverse group of guests. However, they also play your classics from Frank Sinatra to Michael Blublé to provide the perfect dinner jazz music for the beginning of your night.

Our Themed Bands

Next, we have Grilled Cheese Soundwich, Yachty By Nature, and Neon Nation who are exclusively 6-piece bands. However, these bands have selected themes. So, you can rest assured you will hear all your favorites from a certain genre or time period. Firstly, Grilled Cheese Soundwich plays all your Rock and Pop songs from the ’80s to today. Therefore, prepare for your inner ’90s kid to come out. Secondly, Yachty By Nature brings you the best Yachty late ’70s and ’80s groovy Soft Rock.  Lastly, Neon Nation is your ultimate ’80s band with bright neon colors and recreation of your favorite performances.

A Latin Flare

Up next, we have Candela that brings the Latin experience to a new level with this ultimate 10-piece live party band. Specializing in Latin, Pop, and Soul, no matter how diverse your guests are, they are sure to please everyone. Therefore, you can count on staying out on the dance floor with this band. Careful though! Because, you will find that your hips just won’t stop moving!

The Perfect Cocktail or Dinner Hour

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have a 5 Piece Jazz Ensemble. So, you’re looking for the perfect cocktail hour or dinner music? Well, this ensemble keeps the repertoire true to all your favorite jazz standards and instrumentals. Not to mention, they’re the perfect add-on to any night, or just to keep your music light and ambient.

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In conclusion, we are ready to provide you with the perfect live wedding band, corporate party band, or just an ultimate live party band! Therefore, as you can see, no matter what your event is we have a band for you! So, go ahead. Now, just click the “Contact Us” button below. Then, we’ll start customizing your event entertainment today!

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