Band for Weddings | Undercover Live Entertainment | Featured on We TV’s My Fair Wedding 2/27/11

Undercover Live Entertainment was excited to be a part of WE’s “My Fair Wedding”. Catch the spectacular Asian-Jewish inspired wedding on 2/27 at 3pm or 3/4 at 8pm (PT).  The couple was beautiful, totally in love, and excited about the music. They actually met at a music conference in Miami and it was so special to play for newlyweds with an appreciation for music like ourselves. The initial episode aired 2/27/11 and already everyone is saying it’s one of the classiest weddings they have seen.
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Working with David Tutera and his crew was such an exciting experience! The decor was spot on, lush purples and glass dripping from every corner. His crew was fun and friendly also.  The couple didn’t know they had a band for weddings coming to surprise them, their guests weren’t in on the surprise either! Thank you to My Fair Wedding for thinking of Undercover Live Entertainment for this episode! We loved being part of a different kind of wedding and having our name linked with your show is truly an honor!

More about David and My Fair wedding

When most celebrities are interviewed, they’re usually aware of the questions they’re going to be asked…which explains why most of their answers tend to be thought-out and well-rehearsed. So WE tv decided to go the opposite route with My Fair Wedding host David Tutera. We asked him a number of “this or that” type questions and simply wanted his immediate response. From his favorite types of weddings to his preferred taste in music (could he choose between Lady Gaga and Adele?), read on to find out how David replied to our on-the-spot choices:

1. Winter wedding or summer wedding? Summer wedding

2. Traditional bride or modern bride? Traditional

3. TV interview or print interview? Definitely TV

4. Plane ride or car trip? Plane

5. Early morning or late at night? Morning

6. LA or NYC? I’m going with LA

7. Lazy vacation or fun vacation? FUN!

8. Musical or play? Musical

9. Biography or fiction> Biographies

10. Book or Kindle? An old-fashioned book

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