Planning and executing an event has the potential to be an overwhelming process, but a really exciting and enjoyable one as well! As a planner, remember that guests come to an event to be entertained. It is important that through attending any occasion comes the feeling of enjoyment through some sort of celebratory activity. To successfully host a memorable event, think outside the box to differentiate your occasion from any other traditional event you’ve been to! The goal is to construct an atmosphere and experience that makes guests want to attend, and to leave them ecstatic that they participated. Here are some unique ideas to bring your shindig to the next level!

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Tell Your Crowd

First things first, a festivity doesn’t reach its full potential without a lively group of guests. Start with a brainstorm! Using paper and a pen, make a list of potential attendees before creating the invitations– just incase you make some changes to whom you’re inviting. Whether you plan on inviting friends and family, or solely one or the other, it is vital that they know when, where, and what time your event is taking place. As a planner, is it especially important to know exactly what you need to do to get your guests to the event. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the easy to use event planning resources out there that assist in constructing a guest list and tracking RSVPs!


Be Non-Traditional with the Decor & Party Favors

When it comes to choosing decorations, most event planners decide to be extremely traditional, but not you– streamers, balloons and noise makers are in a category called “so last year”. For your next event, go above and beyond in a time-efficient way. Being innovative with party favors and decorations can be really easy, but if you’re struggling to think of the perfect activity or decorations, here are a few unique ideas for inspiration:


  • Photo Station: People love to take photos for keepsake. It is especially popular for guests to do so at an event. To create the most extravagant photo booth in no time, find a backdrop for purchase, or make one yourself using a large piece of fabric. Popsicle sticks and photo cutouts are great resources to make some hand props to go with it for additional fun!

  • String Lights: Instead of buying balloons or hanging streamers to take up event space, invest in some decorative string lights! Having these draped throughout the venue creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and they’re non-disposable so you can keep them forever.

  • Grab n’ Go Candy Bar: What is better than a party favor that is both interactive and food related?! Three simple things are needed for the perfect candy station– large glass jars, goodie bags, and of course, candy! All of the necessities can be found at your local craft store, and guests can either snack on sweets during the duration of your event or put some in a small bag to take home with them.


Request a Live Band

Music has the power to put smiles on faces and bring joy to any event! Instead of playing music through a radio or a cellular device, reach out to a local band to provide music at your event as a source of great entertainment. Here at Undercover Live Entertainment, we make it a priority to be the highlight of any event and turn a dull occasion into a really exciting one! Dancing, singing, laughing and shouting– we love it all!


Also, check out our testimonial page to see what others’ have said about us and the events we’ve attended!


Interactive Games

To avoid the idea of playing musical chairs or pin the tail on the donkey, here are a few uncommon party games to take into consideration for your festivity:



  • “Guess Who”: Create a list of different characteristics or facts about your guests on a piece of paper and make several copies. Then, pass out this paper to each person with a pen. Have guests walk around the room to find the guests who have those certain characteristics listed! Whoever gets the most wins the game!

  • “Balloon Pop Relay”: Separate your guests into teams and form lines. Place a chair facing towards your line, but 10-15 feet in front of it. Once that’s completed, blow up the amount of balloons needed for your team to get through the relay. See who is the first team to finish by running down to the chair to pop their balloons by sitting on them one person at a time!


I hope these suggestions help bring your event to the next level!

Contributing Writer: Cara Benson

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