Wedding Attire Style Guide

When did decoding the dress code of wedding attire style become more puzzling than choosing a wedding gift? You might be thinking, “what’s the difference between black tie and formal?” As more and more wedding trends and themes become popular, it is not uncommon for couples to ask guests to dress in certain attire. Clean-looking wedding photos and being comfortable are just a few of the reasons why couples encourage guests to follow a dress code. Most wedding attire requests are stated on the invitation, but for those that don’t, finding the right outfit can be tricky. If you’re attending a wedding and the attire isn’t clearly stated, here are a few things to keep in mind to narrow down your search:

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Season and Weather

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One of the easiest and most obvious clues for determining your wedding attire is the weather and season of the wedding date. For weddings held in the spring and summer, think of attire that is a lighter fabric, and also options that can be versatile for unforeseen weather changes like rain or a temperature change. It’s a better idea to think about pairing your attire with a jacket or accessories to keep you warm from the cold if the wedding is in the fall or winter months. When it comes to colors and patterns, stick with trends that match to the season, and ones that are not overpowering or distracting.

The Venue and Time of Day

When it comes to planning your wedding attire, it may require a little bit of research. Look up the venue of the wedding, which can be found right on the invitation. If the wedding is being held outside, be prepared and dress accordingly. Some wedding venues are very formal and will imply the dress code by which you should follow. Weddings held in the daytime are often more casual and less formal, while nighttime weddings typically have a black tie optional theme.

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Match Your Date or Ask The Happy Couple

If you’re attending a wedding with a plus one or significant other, ask them what they are planning on wearing. This will give you the opportunity to gauge how formal or informal they will be dressing, as well as factor in the possibility to coordinate outfits. When it comes to matching your date, it’s better to keep things simple and subtle. If you’re still completely clueless and struggling to find your attire, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the bride and groom. Most brides will be more than happy to offer suggestions and steer you away from wedding fashion do’s and don’ts.

For those still struggling to find the right wedding attire, The Black Tux, leading experts in wedding tuxedo and suit rentals, have created a wedding guest style guide to inspire and direct you in the right direction.

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