Wedding Centerpiece

Unique Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A lot goes into planning a wedding, from booking the perfect venue to the best entertainment, and so much more. Once you check the big items off your list, there are still more smaller decisions that need to be made. Deciding how to decorate your wedding tables is one of those decisions. While table decor may not be your top priority during wedding planning, it can have a big impact on your reception vibe. Your table decorations will also sneak their way into a lot of your reception photographs. 

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Wedding Centerpiece

Chance to Show Your Style and Personality

Centerpieces are a great way to show your couple personality. Every guest attending your reception will get a chance to be up close to your table centerpieces. Florals have been the go-to table centerpiece for years. However, many couples are now opting for less traditional centerpieces to both break the mold and save big. Featuring unique centerpieces in your reception also gives your guests a “wow” wedding moment, where they get to experience something unexpected. You can get as creative as you want when you’re choosing your centerpieces. It’s a good idea to match them with the vibe of your ceremony and reception for a design that is cohesive. 

Bohemian to Classic Styles

Free-spirited couples may opt for a bohemian tablescape, perhaps featuring floating lanterns, vintage glassware and velvet table runners paired with tall candelabras or candle sticks. Receptions being held along the San Diego coastline may instead seek out a coastal vibe featuring seashells, dried palms, tall coral installments and more. If you are planning a coastal themed celebration, consider foraging on your next beach trip for supplies. No matter what theme you choose, there are endless options for your wedding centerpieces, so ditch the traditional floral and get creative! Check out our bohemian centerpiece inspiration below or head over to Zola to check out more wedding centerpiece inspiration.

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Trendy and Bohemian Centerpiece Ideas

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