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When planning a wedding, a majority of the stress can fall on the bride. Brides can become overwhelmed with choices, like determining the theme, what dresses her bridesmaids will wear, hiring music entertainment, choosing where to seat everyone and so much more. With all of that stressful planning, it’s important to include taking care of yourself in the preparation. Here are some tips for a bride’s wedding prep list and how to personally prep before the wedding!

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A Little Help for the Bride

Skincare Routine

In the midst of planning your wedding, it may be hard to keep up with a solid skincare routine. If you notice that you’re starting to get breakouts or your skin is looking dull, it’s time to reevaluate things. How are you taking care of your skin? Start being consistent in your beauty routine with products that work for your skin. If you’re looking to try a new product, you shouldn’t start it within three months of your wedding. Try to introduce these new products when you have enough time to see how they affect your skin.


Undercover Live Wedding Prep List Skincare

Undercover Live Brides Wedding Prep List

Hair Care

Don’t let the current state of your hair determine how you style your hair for your wedding day. Deciding between long curls or maybe a voluminous updo? A decision like this begins and ends with taking care of your hair the year before your wedding. Get regular haircuts to keep your locks fresh and healthy. To show your hair some extra TLC, use a hair mask once a week for added moisture. Don’t forget to invest in a good heat protectant. Then, lower the temperature of heat on the styling tools you use on your hair. If your hair isn’t growing fast enough for your dream wedding day hairdo, try taking biotin gummies for stronger hair. Practicing good hair care during the year before your wedding will help your hair look amazing on the big day.

Alone Time

From the second you got engaged, you’ve most likely been fielding questions and opinions from relatives and friends about details about the wedding. It’s a good idea to take a step back to allow yourself time to think and also to do non-wedding related things. Give yourself a break by making time to spend a night in and watch your favorite movie, attend weekly yoga classes, or go on a little getaway. A wedding does require a lot of time and effort for planning, but it shouldn’t make you lose your mind. Getting your mind off of the wedding from time-to-time will decrease stress and make planning much more manageable.

Undercover Live Brides Wedding Prep List

Get Some Zzz’s

It’s no surprise that getting enough sleep is good for you, but it can actually help your mindset for better wedding planning. Inadequate sleep can make you foggy, irritable, and weaken your immune system. This could make planning more stressful for you and make you more forgetful about your decisions or what you have left to do. Try your best to find a routine that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep so you can wake up refreshed and energized to be ready for what the next day’s wedding planning has in store!

Undercover Live Brides Wedding Prep List
Undercover Live Entertainment Wedding Prep List