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Undercover Live: Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment

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We understand that there is a lot that goes into your wedding day. A LOT! Especially for a Lake Tahoe wedding where most weddings there are destination weddings. However, what is the last thing your guests will experience on your big day? Your reception entertainment. Because of that, since it is the last thing of the day, it will be what everyone remembers most vividly. Therefore, the entertainment at your reception can make or break your big day. After your ceremony, all you want to do is go and celebrate! So, why not have the best Lake Tahoe wedding entertainment at your wedding reception to treat you and your guests? Your guests will be raving about how amazing your wedding was. How awesome of a feeling is that? It is YOUR wedding that everyone remembers and will talk about!

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The Best Choice for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Our wedding package is designed with you in mind to bring you the very best in your wedding entertainment needs. Also, In addition to having a live band, packages can include professional sound and microphones for toasts, dance floor lighting, and specially contoured dinner and DJ music during band breaks.

We have performed at more than 1,850 events since being established in 2003. We know what you want and we deliver. Whether you have 50 guests or 500+ guests, we will get your guests on to the dance floor. Afterward, when your friends and family come to you about the entertainment that night, you will be the one proudly bragging that YOU found Undercover Live Entertainment!

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A Decade of Excellence and Awards

We know there are quite a few bands out there to choose from. That makes things a little more difficult to make yet another decision. However, are they award-winning? Plus, are they award-winning for 10 years in a row? has recently announced their winners for the 2019 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards. For 10 years out of 11, Undercover Live was listed as a winner yet again! Only 3 musical acts in Orange County were awarded this renowned award, and we were the only Top 40 party band! We take pride in our performances and our consistency.

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Ready to Travel

Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment TravelWhether your wedding is in Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Aspen, Phoenix, Hawaii, Mexico or any other destination location, we can come to you with our full production. You do not have to worry about having a diminished product due to travel limitations. So, we are ready! We coordinate all the technical and logistics for any location. Not to mention, searching for a great band can be quite time-consuming. Plus, we understand that you do not have much time to spare. Therefore, you will book any of our bands with an ease of mind knowing we will come to you. No one likes playing Roullete. Especially when it comes to your big day!  So, hire one of the most sought after bands for Lake Tahoe destination wedding entertainment from Undercover Live Entertainment.

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Live Bands vs. Others

Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment Undercover Live

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A Disc Jockey costs less, but nothing compares to the audience interaction that you gain with hiring a live band. A great band pulls your guests out on to the dance floor by truly interacting with them. You will catch our band members off stage, on the dance floor, singing and dancing with your guests! There truly is no other experience quite like having a fully interactive band that gets down into the middle of you and your guests. Careful though because before you know it you will have the microphone in your face and you will be singing along with our singers. Plus, that couple that never dances? Get ready for a photo opp! You’ll need the proof that they were actually on the floor dancing for once.

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Who have we performed for?

We have performed at a countless amount of weddings. However, we have also performed for some of the largest companies in the country and in the world! Just to name a few to ease your mind: PennWell, Intuit,  Hyundai, Skadden Law Firm,  Samsung,  Barrett Jackson,  Pacific Trust Bank,  Kia, FCCLA,  Star Trac, Cadence Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, J.B. Hunt, Ultimate Ears, Mastercard, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Westin, American Heart Association, and many more!

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Music to Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor

Our wedding bands know how to deliver professional music and styles that everyone knows and will dance too! Our styles of music include Swing, Motown, Top 40, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, the ’80s to Latin, Funk, Rock, Ska, and Soul. Therefore, we cater to your needs, your guests, and what you want to hear and dance to. Our music is not only perfect for weddings but also not limited to:

  • Corporate Parties & Events
    Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment Undercover Live

    Courtney Aaron Photography

  • Holiday parties
  • Banquets
  • Product Launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Team Building
  • Festivals, Fairs, Concerts & Special Events.
  • Gallas & Balls
  • Fundraisers
  • Charities
  • Grand Openings

We know that options are important for you in your search for a band for your wedding reception. So, we have several bands for you to choose from. Each band offers a theme or style of music that will provide you with more options. So, here are the bands that so many have chosen to have as their Lake Tahoe destination wedding band entertainment.

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Choose Your Band


Our flagship band! Undercover is the ultimate party band! Because, they are energetic, fun, and intense, filling the dance floor is the only option. Also, you may customize this band from a 5 piece to a full out 15 piece masterpiece! Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B, and Top 40 from the 1950’s up to today’s hits is what you will get from these party animals. So, you will have no regrets for booking Undercover for your wedding reception.


Undercover’s sister, this extreme party band will definitely bring the party to your reception! Also, customize this band from a 6 piece band up to an 11 piece band. They are energetic, lively, and high powered for the dance floor. Also, just like Undercover, their song list is very similar in that they perform high energy dance music in Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B and Top 40 from the 1950’s up to current hits. So, you and your guests will not be able to stay seated. They are sure to pull you out to the dance floor!

Grilled Cheese Soundwich

This exclusive 6 piece band will play your Rock and Pop music favorites from today back to the 1980’s! Also, they are lead by our talented vocalist, Nathan Shrake! Grilled Cheese Soundwich is made up of a male vocalist, female vocalist, guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums. So, they are ready to bring a party to any wedding, corporate or private events. Be prepared to let your 90’s Kid out thanks to this fun and vibrant band!


Looking for Latin music to bring the Spanish heat to your wedding? This 10 piece band has an extensive playlist of Latin music, Pop and Soul. Not to mention, they love to dance and will have you and your guests’ hips movin’ to their Latin favorites. Don’t let their classy look fool you! They are high energy and will be sure to get you sweating on the dance floor!

Yachty by Nature

Going for a nautical themed wedding? This hot 6 piece band is perfect for your Margaritaville fans! Yachty by Nature specializes in the finest of yachty late 1970’s to early 1980’s groovy soft Rock. You will hear songs by: Michael McDonald, Hall and Oates, Steely Dan, Toto, Christopher Cross, the Eagles and much more! Plus, there are no backing tracks in their performance to make them 100% live. So, they have complete freedom to improvise and create an experience that is unique to this band.

Neon Nation

Neon Nation is the newest addition to Undercover Live Entertainment! Impressively, this 6 piece band has 6 lead vocals that bring musicianship to a new level. Plus, Neon Nation is a family-branded band that rocks your 1980’s hits more than any other band. Also, they recreate the songs and performances of those hits just like people remember them. With their neon colors that rock the stage, bringing you back to a decade of big hair and musical expression. So, be prepared to see your guests dropping some moves you haven’t seen in a few decades!

The 5 Piece Jazz Ensemble

Looking for smooth cocktail/jazz music for a cocktail hour before your reception starts? This 5 piece Jazz ensemble brings this classic genre to a diverse modern audience. For that reason, they demonstrate the unique sense of sophistication from Traditional American Popular Music. This small band brings the best of Gershwin, Riddle, Sinatra, Porter, Armstrong, and Marsalis. Your guests will discover or rediscover a love for this classic and timeless genre of music.

Before Your Big Day

So, you have made your decision. Now, you just chose a band from Undercover Live Entertainment for your wedding. Now what? Well, our strong organization and automation ensure you are satisfied with our bands, our company, and our performance! Also, we have a very strong partnership with destination management companies, event planners, party planners, and catering managers. Thankfully, they alone have helped propel the Undercover Live Entertainment brand in more way than one. Because of this relationship, we work closely with your planner. We ensure we have every detail for your night. Lastly, we provide limited emceeing for your event to announce all the special moments and formalities of your reception. However, you are more than welcome to take over our spotlight, and we will provide a microphone and sound for you to emcee. So, however you want your night to go, we will make it happen!

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Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment Undercover Live1

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Customizing Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment

We are as detailed as possible from day one thanks to an extensive questionnaire that we give to each client! So, you will have access to this questionnaire shortly after booking one of our bands. Next, we work closely with your planner and venue to work out any kinks and all the details for you. Then, on the day of your event, we have taken care of the planning and straightening out of details regarding your entertainment. Just one less thing to stress out about! So, then you can enjoy the night and take in the amazing views of Lake Tahoe knowing that your reception will run nice and smooth.

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See Undercover Live Perform

Lake Tahoe Wedding Entertainment Undercover Live1

Courtney Aaron Photography

Of course, you want to see us perform live first! Of course, most Lake Tahoe weddings are destination weddings, and it may be difficult for you to see us perform live if you are not in Southern California. So, feel free to check out our YouTube page for a string of videos you can watch that show us performing live.

Secondly, seeing us in person is much different than watching videos. So, you will not be disappointed once you have seen us live. Our singers and musicians have been performing for years and some even for decades. Therefore, they are all professionals in the field. In addition to their experience, most have higher education in music performance or teach music and lessons on the side. Not to mention, our number one love is music. We love what we do. And, it shows in our performance and professionalism.

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Undercover Live Performance Locations

We keep public shows in a pretty steady rotation each weekend so you can come to check us out and party with us. Also, there’s no cover charge or ticket to purchase! Go to our “Public Events” page. Now, you can plan to come to see us. So, almost every weekend we perform at the Sandpiper Bar in Laguna Beach, CA.  This bar has been loyal to us from the beginning of our band creation. Conveniently, The Sandpiper is about 90 minutes from downtown San Diego and 60 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. Not to mention, they have great drinks and the crowd always fills the dancefloor. However, some weekends we change it up a bit and perform in a different location. So, please keep an eye on our calendar so you can plan your next night to see us live!

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