wedding budget

Ever since your long-time partner popped the big question and you got the ring, we know that the next stage will be spent in planning your dream wedding. If truth be told, wedding planning is an exciting time for brides-to-be as they get to sit down and plan their wedding in a more detailed fashion but it can be stressful at times especially when it comes down to the wedding budget. Read Money Matters, Creating the wedding budget to dig deeper into the budget.

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To help you get started for those who are in the early stages of planning, we have prepared a list of the wedding aspects that you should be focusing on and should be spending an extra dime or so.

1. Food and umm more food

Wedding budget

I guess this is a no-brainer. Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. People will talk about your designer wedding gown, that’s for sure. Guests will rave how much of a beautiful and glowing bride you were on your wedding, that’s certain. You think that’s all? Well, we’ll let you in on a secret. Guests also remember your delicious dinner which means they will also commit to memory if the food is bland and tasteless.

We’re not saying that you should be spending on a lavish five-course meal, an expensive lobster or a high-grade wagyu steak. What is important is that you’ll be serving delicious dinner so no one will go home hungry and with an empty stomach. In order to solve this wedding mishap, choose a caterer that has a good reputation in serving appetizing dishes. P.S. don’t forget to schedule a food tasting with your caterer so they can adjust the flavors to your liking.  We love working with 24 Carrots, Jay’s Catering & Summit Event Catering to name a few.

2. Photos and Videos because photos are a lifetime memory

wedding budget

Getting a famous wedding photographer may cost you an arm and a leg but remember that they are expensive for reasons because you are paying for their experience/expertise, profile/recognition and reliable equipments. Couples tend to forget about the importance of getting a good photographer. When you’re both grey and old, we hope you will be looking at your wedding photos with wistful eyes, else you will regret getting that awful God-forbidden photographer because all your photos were badly taken. A few favorites are Chloe Atnip, Jeremy Lucero and ABM photography.

3. Booze and Alcohol

wedding budget

Make sure to allocate a great chunk of your wedding budget to alcohols and booze because no great wedding story ever started with someone eating a salad!  Some just need a little liquid courage to let the dance moves flow.  This should be a non-negotiable in your wedding list and you probably know why. To state the obvious, no sober guest would take the dance floor not unless they have alcohol in their system. Wink wink. Try our friends at Cocktail Concierge

4. Wedding Band/Musicians

wedding budget

Lastly, end your wedding party with a BANG by hiring a live wedding band with a pocket full of energy! A good wedding entertainment provider like Undercover Live Entertainment should know how to read your crowd by playing hypnotic music where guests end up busting their moves in the dance floor.