There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding; you and your fiancé have to sort out your guest list, choose the perfect flowers, and make the decision: DJ or band? As a groom, details that go into your look can easily get lost in the midst of preparing everything else. We have created a quick and easy groom’s ti-do list to help you ensure you look and feel your best for your wedding!

Hair and Skin

As a groom, the main focus of your look, aside from your suit, will be your hair and face. Ensure you love your look by putting a little time and thought into it. If you want to try a new, on-trend hairstyle then head to your barber a few months to give it a shot. That way, if you are less than impressed you can grow it and go for something else. However, sticking with your most natural look is always a good idea, so when you look back at wedding photos years down the road, you will feel like yourself.

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Groom's To-Do ListIf you current skincare routine is non-existent, don’t worry. The more simple you keep this, the better. Washing your face regularly and using a moisturizer day and night will do the trick. Try to use products with hydrating ingredients like shea butter and aloe. Another part of making sure your face is smooth and soft, is using the finest shaving products. If you lather up with a hydrating shave cream and make two passes at the skin, you will have a close shave or sharp lines against your facial hair.

Get Fit

Getting in shape is something you can start doing to feel your best from the moment you pop the question. Even if you aren’t exercising to tone up or slim down, it’s great to help you keep the stress of wedding planning at bay. Regular physical activity, a few times a week anywhere from 30-60 minutes, can help you be happier, sleep better, and feel less anxious. The sooner you start a new workout regimen, the better. Incorporating a workout into your daily routine won’t feel difficult after a few solid weeks of committing to it! To help crush your goals, find an awesome workout playlist on AppleMusic or Spotify.

Groom's To-Do List


Making sure you take time to relax is a huge part of feeling good inside and therefore looking great on the outside. Don’t neglect taking time to enjoy yourself and your fiancé. A lot of people save the spa day for after the wedding. However, in many cases, the week before the wedding most of the heavy lifting is done. Take time to appreciate your partner and all of the hard work both of you have done by setting up a relaxing spa day for the both of you. If you don’t have time to spend a whole day at the spa, utilize an app like Soothe to get a massage therapist at your front door!

Luckily, if you’re a groom, you may not have to put a lot of effort into your look prior to the wedding. However, a huge part of looking good is feeling good! Be sure to take care of yourself and your bride to ensure that you both hit the aisle looking like a million bucks and happier than ever before!

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