Planning a wedding can be a very stressful process especially if your guest list is really long and you suck at organizing events. It can be extremely expensive and it sometimes turns into an obligation more than a celebration. That is why more and more couples nowadays decide on micro weddings for their big day. Here are some tips on how to organize a fabulous micro wedding on your own.

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A festive, beautiful and small-scale alternative

A micro wedding refers to an intimate celebration with your family and (barely a dozen) guests that include all details of a traditional wedding but on a small scale. Organizing this alternative, a festive and beautiful micro wedding celebration is a piece of cake as long as you put your heart and your soul into little details that will make it unique. Spend less time stressing out and worrying (plus staying on a budget) and make your celebration fun and fabulous by concentrating on having a great time with your closest friends and family!

Choose an unexpected venue

First and the most important thing that will set the tone for your wedding is choosing the perfect venue. Choosing the right location doesn’t have to mean you should pick a traditional venue and decorate it the way you want, on contrary, you should choose an atypical location that will create the atmosphere.

The most popular choices are lofts, warehouses, tucked away outdoor areas and industrial chic venues that will for sure make your celebration unforgettable and unique. Since the common features of these locations include rustic details, exposed brick walls, wood or metal beams, concrete floors and walls, adding your own décor will personalize the place, give it warmth and as a cherry on top your wedding photos will look perfect.

Minimalistic tablescapes

When it comes to choosing the right table décor, always pick decorative items that will show your (and your spouse’s) character. Create a personalized tablescape by using white as a blank canvas but keep the table clear and minimalistic with just a few sophisticated decorative accents. Play with colorful, monochromatic or metallic plates and combine them with inspired by nature, deep green floral garlands as centerpieces.

Decorating plates with little olive branch bouquets will emphasize the color of the plates and add a finishing touch to a minimalistic setup. Combine greenery, grey dishes and gold flatware with an acrylic menu with gold letters for a chic, modern look!

Simple colors and elegant light fonts

Micro weddings are all about minimalism and tiny details that make a noticeable difference so go for light fonts and light colors on the wedding stationery. Opt for elegant fonts to achieve minimalistic aesthetic – don’t complicate too much with invitations or ceremony programs design, instead find beauty in simplicity. Choose simple calligraphy and plexiglass instead of paper, mix in elegant gold printing and make your guests wowed with the elegant-chic look!

Have fun with unexpected surprises

Surprise your guest and have an unforgettable celebration with a lot of dancing! Since you’re not stressing out with the organization (you’ve chosen micro wedding for a reason) you will have much more time to focus on your guests and enjoy the wedding entertainment yourself. You can create an old-school inspired by the ‘80s dance floor and make a wedding dance party. After all, it is your big day you might as well have the best time of your life!

Or make your wedding the most romantic celebration ever by creating a custom indoor wedding arch. You can use a corner space inside your authentic venue to create a romantic floral arch where you will say your marriage vows and use it as an alternative for Office registry. This is perfect for all the girly brides finally living their own fairy tale!

By Guest Contributor: Nina Simons

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